Heritage Museum Jan. 27, 2016, Pictures

Curved Chula Vista timeline wall.
Great Flood of 1916 Exhibit.
Japanese Memorial disply case.

Auditorium was packed for the Shauna Stokes
and Steve Schoenherr presentations.
Mayor Mary Salas and Steve and Betty
Waznis cut the ribbon at 5:05 pm.
Cameras were everywhere as the crowd filled the exhibit.

Carol Schoenherr with local history authors Barbara Zaragoza and Patricia Maxwell.
Steve Schoenherr with architect and Hatfield historian Wayne Donaldson.
Exhibit sponsor Barbara Kruegel with
Steve and Patricia Maxwell

Julie Danielson and Barbara Zaragoza.
Bruce Semelsberger from the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum in Campo contributed photos.
Ralph La Porte saw photos of his grandfather Johnnie La Porte in the exhibit.

Refreshments were enjoyed by all.
There was plenty to talk about in the exhibit.
The crowd enjoyed the displays.

Waving for the KUSI camera.
Shana Stokes speaking.
Betty Waznis speaking.

Mayor Salas speaking.
Steve Schoenherr speaking.
Exhibit opening.
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