Universal Newsreel 38-35 (4/29/65) from National Archives
Apr. 24, 1965 - Cabral was deposed by army colonels who wanted to restore Bosch, but leftist colonels opposed by rightist generals and civil war began

Apr. 28 - U.S. minister W. Tapley Bennett said 53 communists were leading the revolution to restore Bosch

Apr. 28 - LBJ evening TV speech - said he had ordered in the Marines, need to protect American lives, especially 1000 Americans trapped in the Embajador Hotel

Apr. 29 - LBJ added more troops, to total 22,000 at a cost of $150 million

May 24 - OAS approved the intervention and voted to replace U.S. troops with a hemispheric police force, but was not enthusiastic and was bullied by LBJ

Johnson Doctrine - U.S. would intervene in the Western Hemisphere to prevent a communist threat to any government.

Dominican Diversion