Willy Brandt

Reception for West German Chancellor Willy Brandt on the south lawn of the White House 04/10/1970 (NLNP-WHPO-MPF-C3295(18)),
from NAIL
Head of State visit by West German Chancellor Willy Brandt in Key Biscayne, Florida 11/28/1971. (NLNP-WHPO-MPF-C8138(10A)),
from NAIL
President Nixon and Chancellor Willy Brandt of West Germany issue joint statement to the press 2/29/1971. (NLNP-WHPO-MPF-C8144(16)),
from NAIL

Winner of 1971 Nobel Peace Prize

Willy Brandt Foundation (in German)

Biography from Cold War by CNN

Selections from the Helsinki Accords of 1975

Germany After 1945 from Europe Today

Nixon and Chancellor Brandt of the Federal Republic of Germany with Berndt von Staden, Henry Kissinger, Gunther van Vell, 09/29/1973 (NLNP-WHPO-MPF-E1558C(10)),
from NAIL
Meeting of Egon Bahr, Walter Scheel, Willy Brandt, Nixon, William Rogers, Henry Kissinger to discuss US-West German relations, 05/02/1973 (NLNP-WHPO-MPF-E0734(09A)),
from NAIL
President Kennedy Letter to Mayor Willy Brandt concerning Berlin, November 14, 1962. (NLK-POF-CNTRYS-GERMANYSEC-6CCCC),
from NAIL

JFK and Willy Brandt 1961,
from National Archives - Abbie Rowe Collection

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