The Iran Crisis

Mossadeg 1951 Man of Year, from Time 1952/1/1
Land of Turmoil, from Time 1952/03/24
1951 - Mossadeg became Premier, nationalized BP oil fields - newsreels

1951/10 - British boycott supported by Seven Sisters, Iranian oil cut off from world markets

1953/5/28 - Mossadeg letter to Ike demanding more aid, in addition to the $23 million sent for 1952; Ike stopped all aid to Iran, ordered CIA to overthrow Mossadeg

1953/7 - Mossadeg dissolved parliament, accepted Soviet aid and coalition with Tudeh party

1953/8/19 - Kermit Roosevelt and CIA modified an earlier plan by British, supported coup led by Gen. Zahedi and army to overthrow Mossadeg and install Shah Pahlevi; Gen. H. Norman Schwartzkopf spent $10 million from CIA to organize opposition to Mossadegh, later trained the Iranian police of the Shah

1954 - Ike granted $85 million aid to Shah; Herbert Hoover Jr. as special petroleum advisor to Dulles arranged new oil consortium in Iran with 5 American companies and BP distributing the oil produced by state-owned wells, profits split 50/50, limiting production to keep stable price, and oil guaranteed to NATO allies

1959 - U.S. signed bilateral treaties with Turkey, Pakistan, Iran

1959/8 - CENTO became official wth HQ in Ankara