President Truman addresses the Washington Summit, April 4, 1949 (from State Dept.)

NATO 50th Anniversary

President Clinton greets NATO Secretary General Javier Solana during an introduction ceremony of heads of state during NATO's 50th anniversary summit, Friday April 23, 1999, at the Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C. (from AP)

NATO leaders meet in the Mellon Auditorium Saturday April 24, 1999 (from AP)

NATO home page includes: NATO at 50 - The Washington Summits - official site from the USIA, includes: NATO 50th Anniversary from State Department, includes: The Washington Summit from the White House, includes: Issue in Depth: NATO at 50 from New York Times, includes documents: Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy: NATO from Vincent Ferraro at Mount Holyoke College

NATO at Fifty Conference in London from the Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies

NATO expansion news from Yahoo, includes links to recent developments

NATO at 50 from CNN, includes interactive map of 19 member nations and timeline

NATO At Fifty from the Brookings Institution, includes reaserch papers

Europa server for the European Union

NATO Expansion from Central Europe Online

United Nations

NATO's 19 members 2003
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