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Benjamin Franklin

Read in Chapter 3: the "outstanding preacher of the Great Awakening" and President of the College of New Jersey Jonathan Edwards, the "major force in promoting religious revivalism" George Whitefield, the "most daring and controversial scientific experiment" by Cotton Mather, the "decisive transformation in legal philosophy" in Zenger trial, the "most popular nonreligious literature" colonial almanacs.

Read in Republic of Science about Cadwallader Colden, Benjamin Rush, David Rittenhouse.

The World of Benjamin Franklin from the Franklin Institute has examples of Franklin's accomplishments as a scientist, an inventor, a statesman, a printer, a philosopher, a musician, and an economist.

Enlightenment philosopher


Colonial Agent

Congressional leader


  • Enlightenment leaders
  • History of the Glass Armonica
  • Franklin and His Friends from National Portrait Gallery
  • World of Benjamin Franklin on-line exhibit from the Franklin Institute
  • Franklin portrait at Chateau Ramezay


  • Historical Maps of the U.S. from Perry-Castaneda Collection at the Univ. of Texas
  • Map of Explorations in America 1675-1800 from UT (717k)
  • Map of Territorial Growth 1775 from UT (84k)
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