18th Century Transformations

Read in Chapter 3:

  1. Colonial Population: indentured servants, midwives, Elizabeth Freake, patriarchy, middle passage, "Where Historians Disagree," Royal African Company, slave codes, Huguenots, Palatinate, Scotch-Irish
  2. Colonial Economies: Eliza Lucas, Saugus, Hasenclever, specie, triangular trade
  3. Patterns of Society: Charles Carroll, Mulberry, Gullah, Stono
  4. Awakenings and Enlightenments : methodism, jeremiads, Whitefield, almanacs, Princeton, Zenger

I. Demographic --- II. Enlightenment--- III. Wars for Empire--- IV. Revolution---

Demographic changes

  1. Growth
  2. Migration
  3. Pennsylvania


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