Dear Ruth

Produced and distributed in 1947 by Paramount Pictures, 35mm black and white, mono sound, 95 minutes

poster from William Holden


Directed by William D. Russell
Written by Norman Krasna, based on his Braodway play, and Arthur Sheekman
Produced by Paul Jones
Original music by Robert Emmett Dolan
Cinematography by Ernest Laszlo
Film Editing by Archie Marshek
Art Direction Hans Dreier and A. Earl Hedrick
Costume Design by Edith Head


Joan Caulfield .... Ruth Wilkins
William Holden .... Lieut. William Seacroft
Mona Freeman .... Miriam Wilkins, teenager
Edward Arnold .... Judge Wilkins, father
Mary Philips .... Mrs. Edie Wilkins, mother
Billy De Wolfe .... Albert Kummer, the banker
Virginia Welles .... Martha Seacroft, sister of Bill
Kenny O'Morrison .... Sgt. Chuck Vincent, engaged to Bill's sister
Marietta Canty .... Dora, the family's black maid
Irving Bacon .... Delivery man
Jimmie Dundee .... Harold Klobbermeyer
Jay Gerard .... Cab driver
Isabel Randolph .... Mrs. Teaker
Erno Verebes .... Head waiter


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