Flying Tigers

released 1942 by Republic Pictures, 102 mins., black and white 35mm Academy ratio, mono sound

Directed by David Miller
Written by Kenneth Gamet and Barry Trivers
Produced by Edmund Grainger
Original music by Victor Young
Cinematography by Jack A. Marta
Film Editing by Ernest J. Nims
Art Direction Russell Kimball
Set Decoration Otto Siegel
Special Effects Howard Lydecker


John Wayne .... Jim Gordon
John Carroll .... Woody Jason
Anna Lee .... Brooke Elliott
Paul Kelly .... Hap Davis
Gordon Jones .... Alabama Smith
Mae Clarke .... Verna Bales
Addison Richards .... Colonel Lindsay
Edmund MacDonald .... Blackie Bales
Bill Shirley .... Dale
Tom Neal.... Reardon
Malcolm 'Bud' McTaggart .... McCurdy
David Bruce .... Lt. Barton
Chester Gan .... Mike
Jimmy Dodd .... McIntosh (as James Dodd)
Gregg Barton .... Tex Norton
John James .... Selby
Charles Lane .... Mr. Raffkin
Tom Seidel .... Barratt (new flyer)
Richard Loo .... Dr. Singh
Richard Crane .... Airfield radioman
Willie Fung .... Jim (waiter)


AVG in Burma,
from ILN, 1942/04/25
A Chinese soldier guards a line of American P-40
fighterplanes, painted with the shark-face
emblem of the "FlyingTigers,"
at a flying field somewhere in China,
1942, from Patch-NA

map of Japanese attack in Burma,
threat to Burma Railroad to Lashio
and to Burma Road to Chungking,
from ILN, 1942/02/28

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