TV miniseries, produced and sponsored by GM for the 200th anniversary of the Constitution, broadcast on CBS.


Directed by Buzz Kulik (Part I), William A. Graham (Part II)
Produced by Richard Fielder, David Gerber
Written by Jon Boothe, Richard Fielder, from the book by James Thomas Flexner
Cinematography by Harry Stradling Jr.
Music by Laurence Rosenthal (Part I), Bruce Broughton (Part II)
Production Design by Alfred Sweeney


Barry Bostwick as George Washington
Patty Duke as Martha Washington
Robert Schenkkan as Alexander Hamilton
Jeffrey Jones as Thomas Jefferson
Penny Fuller as Eliza Powel
Marcia Cross as Anne Bingham
Richard Fancy as William Duer
Michael Allinson as General Gage
Lloyd Bridges as Caleb Quinn
Leo Burmester as Eban Krutch
Ron Canada as Billy Lee
Philip Casnoff as Lafayette
Kevin Conroy as John Laurens
Jace Alexander as Dan
David Dukes as George William Fairfax
Christine Estabrook as Abigail Adams
Richard Fancy as Sam Adams
Jose Ferrer as Lieut. Gov. Robert Dinwiddie
Megan Gallagher as Peggy Shippen
John Glover as General Charles Lee
Kelsey Grammer as Lieutenant Stewart
Harry Groener as Patrick Henry
Hal Holbrook as John Adams
Trevor Howard as Lord Fairfax
Scott Hylands as General Nathanael Greene
Jeremy Kemp as General Horatio Gates
Richard Kiley as George Mason
Stephen Macht as General Benedict Arnold
James Mason as General Edward Braddock
Tom Mason as Colonel Joseph Reed
Rosemary Murphy as Mary Ball Washington
William Prince as William Fairfax
Clive Revill as Lord Loudoun
Jaclyn Smith as Sally Fairfax
Robert Stack as General John Stark
Brad Sullivan as General Artemus Ward
Anthony Zerbe as St. Pierre
Erika Alexander as Oney
Leo Burmester as Eban Krutch
Paul Collins as John Adams
Daniel Davis as Patrick Henry
Patty Duke as Martha Washington
Jonathan Farwell as Hammond
Haviland Morris as Henrietta Liston
Clayton Prince as Christopher


VHS released Nov 1, 1993 by MGM Home Entertainment

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