The Jazz Singer

Produced by Warner Bros. and the Vitaphone Corporation for $500,000, released in 1927 by Warner Bros. and grossed $2,500,000, Academy 4:3 screen ratio in black and white, mono sound, 88 mins.
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Jazz Singer premier
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This film was not the first sound film. Eugene Lauste made sound films 1910-1914, Edison made kinetophone films in 1913, Western Electric showed "The Audion" at Yale on Oct. 27, 1922, and made "Hawthorne: in 1924, Warner made the Vitaphone short "The Volga Boatman" May 24, 1926, and released "Don Juan" on August 6, 1926. Fox began releasing sound newsreels Jan. 21, 1927. The "Jazz Singer" opens with young Jakie Rabinowitz, the son of a Jewish cantor, singing in a saloon. His father demands that Jakie become a traditional cantor. Jackie runs away from home and becomes the jazz singer Jack Robin, played by Al Jolson.



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