Mr. Music




Bing Crosby plays a songwriter who returns to Lawford College to stage a musical production of one of his musical plays, but he is overshadowed by the school's star athlete who "came within one-half inch of the world high jump record." Crosby recorded in early 1950 most of the songs used in the film: "Once More the Blue and White" and "Milady" and "And You'll Be Home" and "High on the List" and "Wouldn't It Be Funny?" and "Accidents Will Happen" and "Life is So Peculiar" and "Was I There?" and "Mr. Music"


20' - Crosby playing golf in his trademark hat and sweater

33' - Crosby composing song "Wouldn't It Be Funny?" at the piano

50' - Crosby and Olson listen to tape recorder playing "I'll Never Let My Heart Get Out of Hand" (later becomes song "Wouldn't It Be Funny"); Olson takes tape reel off to store in metal can, but gets phone call from Jeff, gets flustered and turns tape into handful of "spaghetti"

1-02' - Crosby composing at the piano new words for "Wouldn't It Be Funny" and writes 8 new songs in 3 weeks to get ready for new musical show

1-08' - Peggy Lee and Crosby sing "Life Is So Peculiar" at the piano

1-11' - Crosby composing song "Accidents Will Happen" using tape recorder


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