The Outsider

This biopic is based on the life of Pima Indian Ira Hamilton Hayes who helped raise the flag on Mt. Suribuchi with 5 other Marines during the battle of Iwo Jima, Feb. 23, 1945. He was born on the Gila River Indian reservation near Sacaton, Arizona, Jan. 12, 1923. After the war he was unable to deal with his "heroism" and became an alcoholic. He died on the reservation Jan. 24, 1955, and is buried in Arlington Cemetery.


Ira Hayes
Tony Curtis
  • Released by Universal Pictures in 1961, 105 mins., black and white 35mm negative, 1.37:1 screen ratio, mono sound
  • Directed by Delbert Mann
  • Produced by Sy Bartlett
  • Written by William Bradford Huie, Stewart Stern
  • Original music by Leonard Rosenman
  • Cinematography by Joseph LaShelle
  • Film Editing by Marjorie Fowler
  • Art Direction Alexander Golitzen, Ted Haworth
  • Set Decoration Oliver Emert
  • Makeup by Bud Westmore


    Iwo Jima graphic, from SN News
  • Tony Curtis as Ira Hamilton Hayes
  • James Franciscus as Pvt. James B. Sorenson
  • Gregory Walcott as Sgt. Kiley
  • Bruce Bennett as General Bridges
  • Vivian Nathan as Nancy Hayes, Ira's mother
  • Edmund Hashim as Jay Morago
  • Paul Comi as Sergeant Boyle
  • Stanley Adams as Noomie
  • Wayne Heffley as Corporal Johnson
  • Ralph Moody as Uncle
  • Jeffrey Silver as McGruder
  • James Beck as Tyler
  • Forrest Compton as Phar. Mate John H. Bradley
  • Pete Homer as Mr. Alvarez
  • Mary Patton as Chairlady


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