Point of Order

(1964) Produced in the USA in 1964, black and white, mono sound, 93 mins.; re-edited in 1975 to 55 mins. for TV and released as McCarthy: Death of a Witch Hunter with Paul Newman as host.

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This film is a documentary of the Army-McCarthy hearings that were televised live for 36 days from Apr. 22 to May 24, 1954, to an average daily audience of 20 million. Emile de Antonio used kinescopes of portions of the hearings to make this film. The hearings were held by the Senate committee on Government Operations investigating the Army's induction of Roy Cohn's friend G. David Schine, Army's honorable discharge of Major Irving Peress who had refused to answer Loyalty Board questionnaire, and Secretary of the Army Robert Stevens' refusal to allow officers to testify before McCarthy's committee.

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Democratic Minority: Legal staff of Republicans: Legal staff of Democrats: Legal staff of Army:


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