The Robe

Released 1953 by 20th Century Fox, color, 2.66:1 widescreen Cinemascope, 4-Track Stereo sound, 135 mins.


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  • Directed by Henry Koster  
  • Written by Gina Kaus, Albert Maltz and Philip Dunne, based on the novel by Lloyd C. Douglas
  • Produced by Frank Ross  
  • Original music by Alfred Newman  
  • Cinematography by Leon Shamroy  
  • Film Editing by Barbara McLean  
  • Art Direction by George W. Davis, Lyle R. Wheeler  
  • Set Decoration by Paul S. Fox, Walter M. Scott  
  • Costume Design by Charles Le Maire, Emile Santiago  
  • Sound by Bernard Freericks, Roger Heman Sr.       


  • Richard Burton as Marcellus Gallio
  • Jean Simmons as Diana
  • Victor Mature as Demetrius
  • Michael Rennie as Peter
  • Jay Robinson as Caligula
  • Dean Jagger as Justus
  • Torin Thatcher as Senator Gallio
  • Richard Boone as Pilate
  • Betta St. John as Miriam
  • Jeff Morrow as Paulus
  • Ernest Thesiger as Emperor Tiberias
  • Dawn Addams as Junia
  • Leon Askin as Abidor
  • Michael Ansara as Judas
  • Nicolas Koster as Jonathan
  • Cameron Mitchell as voice of Christ
  • Helen Beverly as Rebecca
  • David Leonard as Marcipor
  • Frank Pulaski as Quintus


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