George Stevens: D-Day to Berlin

Produced by New Liberty Productions 1994, telecast on the Disney Channel June 6, 1994, color 35mm negative from 16mm original prints, 1.33:1 screen ratio, mono sound, 46 mins., Laserdisc released 1994.




This film is a documentary about the "Stevens Irregulars," the film crew led by George Stevens as it followed the Allied army across Europe from D-Day in 1944 to the end of the war, shooting 14 cans of 16mm Kodachrome film as well as the official 35 mm black-and-white film. Topics include St. Lo, the liberation of Paris Aug. 25, 1944, "the greatest day of his life," the Battle of the Bulge, refugees, crossing the Rhine, the largest underground factory at Nordhausen that made the V-1, the largest surrender of German soldiers, meeting the Russians at the Elbe, Dauchau concentration camp April 29, 1945, "the day the atrocities stopped forever," liberated POWs, Bertchesgarten in Bavaria, ruins of Berlin.


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