This Is the Army

Produced by Warner Bros. and distributed Aug. 14, 1943, Technicolor 35mm negative, 1.37:1 screen aspect ratio, mono sound, 121 mins., DVD released 2001.

Crowds gather for the Washington, D.C., premiere of the film This Is the Army at Warner's Earle Theater in Washington, D.C., on August 12, 1943. (NARA, 111-SC-178981) from Prologue
Members of the This Is the Army unit rehearse "That's What the Well-Dressed Man in Harlem Will Wear." The cast was the only integrated World War II company in the armed forces. (NARA, 111-SC-140528) from Prologue
Berlin sings "Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning" at the San Carlo Opera House in Naples, Italy, where the company played for the first half of April 1944. (NARA, 111-SC-337200) from Prologue




"There's a very necessary element to soldiering, it's called morale. War is pretty grim business and sometimes a song and a smile is just as vital to an army as food."


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