Triple Cross

Released in the US in 1967, black and white, mono sound, 126 mins., based on the true story of British thief Eddie Chapman in WWII who parachuted into England in 1942 to blow up the DeHavilland factory but became a double agent for the British, returned to Germany, came back to England a second time in 1944. Chapman was born November 16, 1914, and died December 11, 1997, and was the only Englishman in World War II to be awarded both the German Iron Cross and the British medal for valor.


Directed by Terence Young
Written by René Hardy and Frank Owen
Produced by Georges Cheyko
Original music by Georges Garvarentz
Cinematography by Henri Alekan
Production Design by René Renoux
Art Direction Tony Roman


Christopher Plummer .... Eddie Chapman
Yul Brynner .... Baron von Grunen
Trevor Howard .... Freddie Young
Romy Schneider .... Countess
Gert Fröbe .... Col. Steinhanger
Claudine Auger .... Paulette
Gil Barber .... Bergman
Jean-Claude Bercq .... Major von Leeb
Jean Claudio .... Sgt. Thomas
Francis De Wolff .... General
Robert Favart .... General Dalrymple
Bernard Fresson .... French Resistance Member
Jess Hahn .... Braid
Clément Harari .... Losch
Georges Lycan .... Leo
Harry Meyen .... Lt. Keller
Hubert Noël .... von Rundstedt's Staff Officer

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