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Daniel Webster & the Ashburton Treaty

NE boundary problem

States Rights problem

2nd Party System problem

Daniel Webster

Canadian Rebellion 1837 - 1st crisis

Aroostook War 1839

Alexander McLeod case 1841

Creole incident Nov. 1841

Fish River incident Nov. 1840

Webster's Diplomacy

Need for strong leadership in 1842

Newspaper campaign

Lord Ashburton invited

Battle of the Maps

Treaty signed Aug. 9

  1. Maine boundary fixed at St. John River; Maine and Mass paid $150,000
  2. New York boundary adjusted to include Rouse's Point
  3. Minnesota boundary gave U.S. 6500 sq. mi., including Mesabi Range
  4. slave trade prohibition to be enforced, U.S. to keep 80 guns off Africa, Brit to no longer stop and free coastal slave ships
  5. extradtion agreement with Canada for 7 crimes


Brit.-U.S. spirit of compromise restored trade and paved way for later Oregon treaty; national authority over diplomacy affirmed over states rights



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