Book Outline - Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Before 1911

Chapter 2 - 1911-1920

Chapter 3 - 1920-1930

Chapter 4 - 1930-1940

Chapter 5 - 1940-1950

Chapter 6 - 1950-1960

Chapter 7 - 1960-1970

Chapter 8 - 1970-1980

Chapter 9 - 1980-1990

Chapter 10 - 1990-2000

Chapter 11 - 2000-2010

Chapter 12 - 2011 and After

Thurgood Marshall Elementary School display case of artifacts discovered in 1999 archaeological excavations at Rolling Hills Ranch.

Chapter 1 - Before 1911

Mezozoic era and San Miguel Mountain and Rock Mountain
La Nacion fault line and Coastal Plain
Mission Valley Formation and Sweetwater Formation
Otay Formation and Oligocene oreodont and EastLake Fossils
San Diego Formation and Pliocene auk
Pliocene fossils and chulavistensis walrus in Rancho del Rey
Rice Canyon and Fossil Canyon and Hidden Vista Drive
Clear View Elementary School in Terra Nova
Otay Ranch fossils and baleen whale and giant sea cow
Heritage Park Community Center fossil shells and san dollars
Malcolm Rogers and Scraper-Makers and San Dieguito people
Shell-Midden and La Jolla people of Archaic period
metates and manos and olivella shells and toolsof green felsite and Coso obsidian
Yuman-speaking people and Tipai of the Late Prehistoric Period
Tizon Brown Ware and Obsidian Butte
Rolling Hills Ranch site on Proctor Valley Road
Don Jose de Galvez expeditions of 1769
Fernando de Rivera and Father Juan Crespi at Sancti Spiritu near Goat Canyon on Tijuana River
San Antonio ship of Juan Perez and San Carlos ship of Vicente Vila
Father Junipero Serra and Smugglers' Gulch
Kumeyaay village of Chiayp, or La Punta and Pantoja map of 1782
rancherias of Jaurial and Alysuhui and Otai
El Camino Real from Loreto to San Francisco
Rancho de la Nacion 1845 diseņo
Rancho del Rey of Presidio 1795
Echeandia grants Janal and Otay ranchos to Estudillo and Tijuana rancho to Arguello
Figueroa grants Rancho Melijo to Santiago E. Arguello
Rancho de La Punta of Arguello and his wife Guadalupe Estudillo
Jose Antonio Estudillo and wife Maria Victoria Dominguez
Magdalena Estudillo and Rancho Otay
Refugia Arguello married Juan Bandini , Teresa Arguello married Jose Maria Bandini
Juan Bandini led the Victoria Revolt in 1831
William H. Emory of the Boundary Commission at Camp Riley in 1849
Andrew Gray and the Initial Point on the Pacific Coast
Edmund L. Hardcastle and the white marble monument
Francisco Arguello married Maria de la Luz Osuna
Maria Antonia Arguello married Alfred Henry Wilcox
Refugia Arguello married W. Blount Couts
Catharine Couts married Josiah Elmer Shaffer
George Alonzo Johnson married Estephana Alvarado
Colorado Steam Navigation Company on the Colorado River at Fort Yuma
John G. Capron and the stagecoach to Fort Yuma
James Pascoe route to Campo SR 94
Henry von Poser and La Punta Gardens
Pio Pico grant to John Forster, sold to Francois Pioche
Frank Kimball and his brothers bought Rancho de la Nacion
George S. Morrill subdivision map 166
Bonnie Brae Ranch of Hiram M. Higgins
Highlands ranch of Willard W. Whitney
Sunnyside and Judson C. Frisbie
Rancho Bonita and Henry E. Cooper
Interlaken of E. F. Wells, Dr.Frank A. Dunbar
Thomas Sedgwick map for San Diego & Gila Railroad
Dougherty brothers, Gilbert Remie of Otay
William Britton, William Black, David Fredericks, John Wilson, Erbert Aylesworth
Frank Inman, James Armstrong, George Goudy, Celesti Bernard, Thomas Murry
S. S. Nichols in Monument City
Sue E. Storm and Monument School
Tedford's omnibus and stage coach line
Gould Recreation and Bath Houses
Josiah Shaffer, George M. Stone and Otay Salt Company
Eugene E. Shaffer, Josiah Elmer Shaffer, Delia Delight Stone
Klauber Wangenheim Company and La Punta Salt
George Washington Barber, William Lane, Albert Seeley
N. G. O. Dranga and Tia Juana Post Office
Joseph Messenger, Wilson McCool, James W. McCool
Alta School and St. John's Lutheran Church on Otay Mesa
Monumentville district, Tia Juana City and Otay
Myron Wheeler, Black Friday, Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe
General George Woods and San Diego Bay Land Company
Elisha S. Babcock, Hampton Story, Coronado Beach Company
Hotel del Coronado, San Diego and Coronado Water Company
Siempre Viva, Oceanside, Ramona, Belt Line railroad
Otay Water Company, Coronado Beach Railroad Company
San Diego Land and Town Company, Col. William Dickinson
National City and Otay Railroad (NC&O)
M. D. Hamilton, James Guion, Robert D. Perry
Otay Press, A. J. Jenkins, Otay Wide Awakes baseball
Hong Waugh laundry, Perry & Sons Lumber Yard, Citerley livery stable
John Boal, James Schuyler, La Presa
Excelsior Stone Company, Alfred Isham, Gathmann Observatory
Richard Proctor, Mary Proctor Smythe
Robert Pennell, San Miguel City
Sweetwater Fruit Company, Russell C. Allen
Robert Winsor, R. H. Weld, Kidder Peabody
Irving Gill, Old Red Barn, Mary Allen
California Fruit Growers Exchange, Sunkist
Ella Allen, Sweetwater Woman's Club
Mike Brewer, Pleasant Wood, James Norton
DeWitt Williams, Lafe Eulitt, Tom Turner
Robert Vaughan, Coronado Heights
Henry and Rosa Virtue, Friends Church in Sunnyside
Otay Watch Factory, Andrew T. Lange, Jr.
American Watch Tool Company of Waltham
Parlor Match Company, Benjamin Harrison
Rolin D. Downs, Flora Downs, Clella B. Kuebler
James G. Copely, J. J. Johnson, Cyrus Johnson
J. W. Wheeler, Luther Johnson, A. M. Douthett
Frank Huot, Hugh O'Neill, Estavan Etchenique
Leonora Guatelli, Raymond, the sheepman
Birdsong barn on Bonita Mesa, Rose Guatelli
Emanuel Daneri, Simon Lavargi, Rosa and Joseph Mosto
Anton and Mary Guatelli, John Semenza, Joseph and Rosa Poggi
Tourmaline Wine, Good Will Restaurant, Dini
San Diego Mayor Billy Carlson, Phoenix Park
Lora Ellerhorst, Daneri School District
W. E. Brimhall, Otay School, Otay Horticultural Society
Montgomery School, Myrtle S. Finney
St. Matthew Episcopal, Father Ubach Catholic parish
Beth Eden Baptist Church, George and Beth Davis
Head-of-the-Bay, Nestor A. Young, Fruitland
George and Flora Kimball, Olivewood
Joseph A. Flint, Lew B. Harris, W. S. Russell
Lower Otay Dam, John D. Spreckels
Morena Dam, Barrett Dam, Cottonwood Creek
Jamul Portland Cement Company
Judge J. W. Hughes, C. B. Daggett, Judge Shaw

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