Railroad Yards

JSDH article page 168
The Santa Fe railroad came to National City with the first rail spike driven Oct. 22, 1880, at the foot of 25th Street, marking the creation of the California Southern Railroad. The freight and repair yards were built along the waterfront from 25th Street to the wharf rebuilt by the railroad at 17th Street. The 225 acres used by the railroad included terminal facilities, warehouses, toolsheds, a roundhouse, and a creosoting plant to produce treated timbers and piles The shops and yards gradually disappeared after the Santa Fe merged its California Southern and California Central railroads into the Southern California Railway in 1889, and moved its transcontinental rail center to San Bernardino. During WWII, the Navy expanded into National City and occupied the wharf and yards area.
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The railroad tracks remain in the road in front of the Port Authority building on Tidelands Ave.

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