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In 1892, women from the high school organized the first women's Tennis Club. As the community grew, sports of all kinds could be found in National City's schools and clubs and parks. Ralph Granger built the Sweetwater Race Track in 1910 to race horses at the end of 32nd Street. The city's first public pool opened in Kimball Park in 1930 with a diving board built by Otto Stang. El Toyon Park, the city's second public park, was dedicated in 1957. The Las Palmas Municipal Pool in 1959 was the first olympic-size pool in the county. In 1963 the National City Golf Course filled the canyon behind Las Palmas Park. The J. Louis Camacho gymnasium was dedicated in May 1987, only a few months after the death of Joseph Louis Camacho III, the city's first Mexican-American city councilman who served 1968-1986.
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National City Golf Course in Las Palmas canyon under the fruit trees of the Noyes house above the canyon.

National City Golf Course at 1439 Sweetwater Road.

National City Golf Course looking northwest.

Public pool in Las Palmas Park.

J. Louis Camacho gym in Las Palmas Park.

J. Louis Camacho Center in Las Palmas Park.

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