Kimball House

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The first house in National City was built by Frank and Sarah Kimball in 1868 at 21 West 10th Street. This two-story Italianate wood home featured indoor plumbing and a kitchen chimney made of 3000 bricks shipped from San Francisco. Frank would soon start his own brick yard that made the bricks used in many of San Diego's buildings and homes. The home was surrounded with olive trees that Frank cultivated with cuttings from the Mission olive trees. The Kimballs welcomed sailors and travellers and newcomers into their home, and hosted a presidential visit of Benjamin Harrison in 1891. Frank and Sarah lived in the house until 1897. It was moved to Heritage Square on A Avenue between 8th and 9th where it was restored in 1980 by the city.
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Kimball House in Heritage Square

Under a portrait of Sarah on the front wall, the double-sided wood desk built by Warren at his planing mill still stands in the front room of the Kimball house> Reflecting their busy life and close relationship, it could seat both Frank and Sarah at the same time.

Frank Kimball's portrait is on the front wall with Sarah's portrait. They married in New Hampshire in 1857, moved to California in 1861, built their home in National City in 1868 and lived there for 45 years.

Frank and Sarah loved to sing around the organ in the parlor.

Fireplace in the parlor.

The wicker baby carriage was a Kimball family heirloom. Frank and Sarah did not have children, but sister Mary Kimball Copeland raised 3 sons and a daughter, and brother George with his second wife Lucy Bingham Kimball raised four children, including Laura Frances Kimball and Augustus Brooks Kimball.

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