National City Boulevard

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National Avenue was created in 1868 by Frank Kimball to be the main street of his new town, six miles long and 100 feet wide. But due to Prohibition in the 1920s and proximity to Mexico and the Navy base, it became the "Mile of Bars" that required a growing police force to maintain order. The line of men posing on National Avenue in 1925 include several policemen in uniform. The street name was changed in 1978 to National City Boulevard to avoid confusion with the freeway exit for National Avenue in Logan Heights. During the redevelopment era of mayor Kile Morgan the "Mile of Cars" replaced the "Mile of Bars" and the Boulevard once again became a main street. The downtown center features a new Library, City Hall, Visitors Center, and Southwestern Education Center.
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The Higher Education Center of Southwestern College in the 800 block of National Blvd. opened in 2004.

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