Newsreels 1932-1935

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release sheet
The quotes in these descriptions are from the Universal release sheets that were sent to theaters twice weekly.
This Oct. 17, 1934, sheet is a xerox copy in the National Archives.
1932/02/04 - Pacific Armada (1) Navy battleships and aircraft carriers prepare for Hawaii war games. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 4-12 National Archives, College Park MD

1932/02/22 - Sudden Gale Akron at Lakehurst NJ (1) Navy dirigible is damaged by wind (2) Mightiest War Game - battleships and aircraft carriers in Hawaii war games. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 4-17 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/03/05 - Extra Special Roosevelt Inaugurated (1) airplane takes off with film of FDR Inauguration, lands in New York City, views of the inaugural parade. "The First Sound Pictures Ever Shown of a Presidential Inauguration. The Brilliant Ceremonies marking The Induction of Franklin D. Roosevelt as the 32nd President of the United States. Striking close-up views of President-elect Roosevelt's arrival at the White House to take President Hoover to the Capitol for the Inaugural ceremony, and the historic ride of the celebrated pair down Pennsylvania Avenue, with a Congressional escort, as cheering thousands, massed on the sidewalks, hail the event. . . . Also, interesting scenes are shown of the record-breaking method by which these Universal Newspaper Newsreel sound pictures of the Inauguration were rushed from Washington to the screen via the country's fastest air transport, to establish an all-time record for newsreel service." (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-125 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/03/09 - President Roosevelt's Emergency Bank Bill Passed By Congress (no sound) (1) "Washington, DC: First sound pictures of the epochal opening of the special session of the Seventy-third Congress, the elevation of Representative Henry T. Rainey of Illinois to the Speaker's Chair, the reading of President Roosevelt's dramatic message calling for immediate banking legislation, and striking scenes of the president as he signs the resulting banking bill less than eight hours after his call for action to relieve the financial crisis. Meanwhile, in all parts of the country, philosophical citizens cheerfully make the best of the situation and transact business on a 'credit and carry' basis, while 'barter marts' brow and flourish." Congress deliberates on the bill , signs in stores, guitar traded for apples, police and people on the street. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-126 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/03/16 - Hitlerites Parade In Rain To Demonstrate Great Nazi Strength (no sound) (1) "Berlin, Germany: An unprecedented display of power and organization by the Brown Shirted forces of the German Chancellor marks the final pre-election activities of the Social Democrats, with long columns of uniformed men in spirited procession down Unter den Linden from Brandenberg Gate to the Lustgarten, with Swastika banners fluttering over the Pretorian Guard the Storm Battalions that back up the new regine. Prof. Albert Einstein, world famous physicist, renounces his homeland because of Nazi anti-Semitic excesses." scenes include no pictures of Hitler. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-128 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/03/20 - Money Stream Flow From Treasury (no sound) (1) "Washington, DC: Remarkable scenes showing Two Billion Dollars in Federal Reserve Bank Notes being turned out by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to meet the current cash famine. William H. Woodin, Secretary of the Treasury, praises the efficiency of the plant, and tells how the resulting bills will relieve the situation." scenes of Secretary Woodin in money printing plant, trucks carry cash to banks. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-129 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/04/04 - Akron Disaster (1) Navy dirigible Akron crashed in the ocean near the New Jersey coast April 4, 1933, during a storm. Only 3 survived out of a crew of 76 men. (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-133 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/04/06 - Commander Describes Akron Tragedy While Navy Search Goes On (1) "Washington DC: An impressive description, in his first official screen interview, by Lieut. Commander H. V. Wiley, one of the survivors of the ill-fated Akron, in which he tells in vivid words, how the appalling disaster occurred." (speech sound only of this partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-134 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/04/17 - 25,000 March In Giant Back Salary Protest By School Teachers (1) "Chicago, IL: Parents and pupils join in a huge demonstration, tangling traffice for blocks as hundreds of thousands line the streets of the Loop to watch the bizarre procession staged by employees of the Board of Education, whose pay is eight months in arrears." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-137 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/04/24 - Akron Hulk Salvage (1) "Barnegat, NJ: Impressive scenes of the finding of the control car and mid-section of the ill-fated Navy airship and the raising of the bent and twisted frame work by a group of USN salvage vessels." (2) New Dirigible on Trial Flights - "Akron, Ohio: Striking views of the official tests of the USS Macon, the largest airship in the world, just completed for the U.S. Navy. She is a sister ship of the wrecked Akron." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-139 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/05/08 - President Speaks To The Nation (1) "Washington, DC: In a dramatic newsreel interview at the White House, the Chief Executive reviews the accomplishments of his two-months-old administration, promising further legislation designed to better economic conditions throughout the United States and to improve the financial standing of the industrial worker, the farmer and others." President Promises Better Wages For Industry Workers - scenes include FDR speaking Fireside Chat #2 - poor visual image of FDR's face. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-143 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/07/10 - Lindberghs Fly North On Epic Ocean Trip To Blaze New Air Route (1) "North Beach Airport, NY: Taking off from the waters of Bowery Bay the Flying Colonel and his wife are seen in unusual pictures on the start of their flight to Greenland to survey a route across the North Atlantic for the Pan American Airways." - no sound. "Freeport, IL: A remarkable screen inverview with Mrs. Caroline Mattern as she receives the report that her son Jimmie is safe and well after being forced down in Siberia on his trip around the world." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-161 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/07/12 - Balbo Nears American Goal (1) "Chicago IL: Graphic and exclusive views of the Century of Progress Exposition as thrilled throngs watch repairs for the Italian Air Fleet making progress in the history-making flight from Italy to the United States." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-162 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/07/17 - Huge Throngs Welcome Balbo (1) " (Editor's Note: These remarkable pictures, including scenes taken from Universal Newsreel airplanes, represent the results of the greatest concentration of cameras and sound apparatus ever assembled by any newsreel.) Chicago, ILL: Unprecedented scenes at 'A Century of Progress Exposition,' where a million people, jamming the shore front of Lake Michigan, hail the Italian Air Minister and the intrepid crews of his twenty-four weaplanes upon the completion of their epochal mass flight from Orbetello, Italy. General Balbo is seen and heard in an exclusive screen interview, made at Universal Newsreel's sound studios, shortly after his arrival at the World's Fair." (2) Track heroes given medals. (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-163 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/08/07 - Stratosphere Balloon Falls (1) "Chicago, IL: Remarkable scenes on Soldier Field as Lieutenant T. G. W. Settle, USN, starts his projected flight into the upper regions of the atmosphere and hectic scenes in a nearby railroad yard following the big gas bag's crash due to a leaky valve." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-169 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/08/14 - President Visits Foresters (1) "Shenandoah National Park, VA: Unusual scenes in the Blue Ridge Mountains as Mr. Roosevelt inspects the Civilian Conservation Corps' Camps, greeting the recruits and dining with them." scenes of FDR in car, eats with the CCC boys, FDR speaks. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-171 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/09/04 - 5 Nations Seek Balloon Title (1) "Glenview, Illinois: Striking scenes at the Curtiss-Wright-Reynolds Airport as huge gas bags, representing Germany, Poland, Belgium, France and the United States, take off to start the classic James Gordon Bennett Race." (2) Aces's Antics Thrill Throngs - "Chicago: Breath-taking scenes at the International Air Races as Major Ernst Udet, renowned German pilot, performs amazing sky feats high above the heads of huge crowds which tensely watch his remarkable stunts." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-177 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/09/26 - Great Throngs Hail Crack Regiment (1) "Chicago, IL: Impressive views of the Canadian Essex Scottish fighting unit, wearing plaid kilts designed for the ancient clan of McGregor, marching along the Avenue of Flags at the Century of Progress Exposition, during an official visit to the Fair." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-183 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/10/02 - Legionnaires Cheer Roosevelt As He Issues New 'Call To Colors' (1) "Chicago: Stirring scenes as the president addresses the members of the American Legion from the same platform on which he accepted the nomination to office, telling them that disabled ex-soldiers could expect greater benefits from the government in the future but that other veterans would not be accorded special privileges over other citizens because of their war records." sound of FDR speaking. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-185 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/10/04 - President Asks Church Leaders (1) "New York, NY: Addressing the National Conference of Catholic Charities, the Chief Executive is seen in striking pictures, making an appeal for continued unemployment relief this winter, urging every community to aid the destitute, and promising that the Federal Government will do its share to assist the deserving needy. Many notables, including His Eminenece, Patrick Cardinal Hayes, hear Mr. Roosevelt's plea." sound of FDR speaking. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-186 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/10/11 - Farmer Plays Tune With Hands (1) "Chicago: Exclusive sound pictures of Cecil H. Dill, of Traverse Coty, Michigan, an aspiring radio artist demonstrating his ability to render popular melodies by pressing his hands together. Dill modestly tells how he discovered his unusual talent." (2) Rival Candidates in New York Mayor Race - La Guardia and Joseph McKee speak. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-188 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/10/16 - Navy Planes End Distance Hop (1) "San Diego, CA: After a massed formation flight of over 3,000 miles, a squadron of Navy planes, led by Rear Admiral A. W. Johnson and Lieutenant Commander Knefler McGinnis, are seen in spectacular pictures landing at the Naval base here." -no sound (2) Gigantic Cattle Drive Starts - "Eads, Colorado: Spectacular scenes reminiscent of the Old West are revived as cowboys start their annual round-up of four thousand steers from the summer ranges in the mountains to the winter grazing grounds in the lowlands." - no sound (3) Anzac In Curious Racial Mix-Up - "Sydney, Australia: Unusual close-ups of a remarkable human enigma - Ernest Soong Soong Yee, an Australian, born in New South Wales, whose parents died while in China and who was adopted by a Chinese family and brought up as a Celestial. He needs an interpreter to converse with his fellow-citizens in the land of his birth." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-189 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/10/18 - Cameraman Risks Life To Film 'Sub' In Striking Speed Tests (1) "In the Pacific: Exclusive pictures off the California Coast as Mervyn Freeman, Universal Newsreel staff photographer, takes remarkable pictures of sensational diving maneuvers while lashed to the periscope of the Navy's largest submarine, Narwahl, and remarkable interior views of the underwater boat as its crew frantically manipulates the intricate mechanism to maintain an even keel at a time when an error of a few degrees might prove fatal to the man above." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-190 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/10/23 - U.S. Thrilled As President Outlines Recovery Progress (1) "Washington DC: In a dramatic message to the nation, the Chief Executive outlines in clear terms the steps the Government will take to speed economic recovery in America. Mr. Roosevelt describes striking plans for the stabilization of currency, and for mortgage and home relief." sound of FDR speaking Fireside Chat #4. (2) Russian Recognition Nears - "Moscow, USSR: Unusual close-ups of Soviet government leaders now taking an important part in the negotiations between their nation and the United States that may ultimately lead to the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. These views show Mikhail Kalinin, President of the Socialist Republic; Joseph Stalin, head of the Communist party and Maxim Litvinoff, Commissar of Foreign Affairs, who has been selected as the Union's envoy to America." - no sound (3) Torpedoes Launched From Air - "San Diego CA: Extraordinary scenes in the Pacific as Naval planes from the USS Saratoga fire two-thousand-pound projectiles at moving targets while traveling at terrific speed a few feet off the water, in a startling demonstration of a new style in sea warfare." scenes of plane taking off from aircraft carrier. - no sound (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-191 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/10/25 - University Honors Roosevelt (1) "Chestertown MD: Colorful scenes on the campus of Washington College as the Chief Executive receives the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, while a throng of distinguished scholars look on." scenes of FDR in college gown; no sound. (2) Axe for Turkeys - "Westley, CA: A record crop of gobblers, each of which will provide twenty persons with the 'piece de resistance' of a Thanksfiving Day Dinner, are being fattened for the feat. Unusual pictures show a monster flock that will grace the plates of 200,000 persons." - no sound (3) Primo Carnera - "Sequals, Italy: Colorful scenes as the world's heavyweight boxing champion is welcomed by his family and cheered by his neighbors in the little village where he was born, and of which he is now the 'first citizen.'" - no sound (4) Vest Pocket Cycle - "Cincinnati, Ohio: Exclusive pictures of a new vehicle, invented by Alex Brun, an aviator, that can be carried in an airplane and used to reach nearby towns in the event of a forced landing." - no sound (5) Loving Husband - "Bronxville, NY: Remarkable scenes as the guardians of the law enforce a new traffic ordinance that prohibits husbands from bidding an affectionate farewell to their wives before boarding the train for their offices each morning." - no sound (6) Lindberghs in Russia - "Moscow, USSR: The famous aviator and his wife are seen in unusual pictures arriving here on their aerial survey and goodwill tour and being greeted by high government officials." - no sound (7) State Theatre in Richmond, with ushers - no sound (8) Carl Laemmle Arrives Home - "New York NY: The noted motion picture chief, returning from a trip abroad, tells of Europe's confidence in President Roosevelt's ability and the intense interest over there in the NRA and its results in speeding economic recovery." - sound of Laemmle speaking. (9) Senate Starts Racket Probe - "Chicago: 'Spike' O'Donnell, a former South Side beer baron, who bears the title of 'the most shot-at gangster in the country,' tells members of a Federal committee investigating crime, of his re-action to the latest Federal drive on kidnapers and other lawbreakers." sound of O'Donnell speaking (10) Al Smith made An Indian Chief - "Chicago, IL: Unusual scenes at the World's Fair as the famous stateman is dubbed with the name 'Watchgeegeepe Wakezake' (Happy Warrior) by the Winnebago Tribe and swaps his famous brown derby for the ancient feathered headgear of his new brothers." sound of chief and Al Smith speaking (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-192 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/11/01 - Help Needy Says First Lady (1) "Chicago: Impressive scenes as Mrs. Roosevelt, speaking before 8,000 members of the Illinois Federation of Professional and Women's Clubs, urges women throughout the nation to aid the destitute unemployed by co-operating with local unemployment committees in their fund raising efforts." sound of Eleanor Roosevelt speaking. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-194 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/11/06 - Veterans Parade in Hoboken, NJ. (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-195 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/11/13 - Al Smith Hails End of Dry Law (1) "New York, NY: The Happy Warrior expresses his pleasure at the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment as huge shipments of gin are made with the approval of the Federal Government for the first time in thirteen years." sound of Al Smith speaking. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-197 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/11/15 - King Dedicates Memorial (1) - "Brindisi, Italy: Impressive scenes as Victor Emmanuel III and Crown Prince Humbert mark the fifteenth anniversary of the signing of the Armistice by consecrating a huge cenotaph to the memory of the Royal Navy's sailors who died in the World War." (2) "Chicago, IL: Exclusive pictures of a hectic pushball game in which the Freshmen of Loyola University defeat the Sophomores in a wild battle for a prize beer keg, after many players suffer bumps and bruises." (3) Hairdresser Wins Lottery - "Paris, France: Tense scenes as the lucky numbers are drawn in the great government-conducted gamble, won by Paul Bonhourse of Tarascon, who was awarded 5,000,000 frances, the equivalent of $307,000." (silent partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-198 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/11/20 - U.S. Recognizes Soviet Russia (1) "Washington, DC: In a striking interview Maxim Litvinoff, Communist emissary to America, expresses his pleasure at President Roosevelt's move establishing diplomatic relations with the USSR and praises William C. Bullitt of Philadelphia, who has been named first ambassador to Moscow." sound of Litvinov speaking. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-199 National Archives, College Park MD

1933/11/22 - Commander Settle Makes Record Stratosphere Hop (1) "Backneck, NJ: Remarkable scenes as the naval scientist and Major Chester L. Fordney of the Marine Corps, salvage their balloon and instruments and tell of their exploration into space during which they reached an altitude of 59,000 feet before landing in a swamp, miles from human habitation." sound of Fordney speaking at end. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 5-200 National Archives, College Park MD

1934/06/25 - Highlights in the News (1) Noted Speed Pilot Killed - "Paterson, LA: James R. Wedell, who set many aviation records, including several astounding racing marks at the Cleveland air shows, dies when his plane, in which he was giving instruction to a student flier, crashes from a 300-foot altitude." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 6-261 National Archives, College Park MD

1934/06/27 - President Reports To Nation On The Progress Of Recovery (1) "Washington DC: The Chief Executive, through Universal Newsreel, makes another characteristic 'intimate' talk to the people of the United States, giving an account of his stewardship and outlining his plan to spur national business recovery." sound of FDR speaking Fireside Chat #5. (2) Highlights In the News - Armored car, trucks of soldiers, fighting in the streets. (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 6-262 National Archives, College Park MD

1934/07/02 - President Roosevelt Sails On 10,000 Mile Vacation Trip (1) "Annapolis, MD: Accompanied by his two sons, Franklin, Jr., and john, the Chief Executive boards the USS Houston for a long cruise that will take him to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Colombia, through the Panama Canal and to Hawaii." poor quality sound of FDR speaking. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 6-263 National Archives, College Park MD

1934/10/01 - President Asks Capital To Join Labor In Trial Peace (1) "Washington DC: The Chief Executive, in an important newsreel interview, announces his intention of seeking the co-operation of representatives of employers and workers and sees the country moving forward to 'greater security for the average man.'" sound of FDR speaking Fireside Chat #6 (2) Hauptmann Weapon Found As High Bail Is Set By Court - "New York City: A broken soup-spoon, ground to razor-like sharpness, is discovered in the prisoner's cell as Judge patterson demands $100,000 bonds for the suspect's release. Detectives demolish the carpenter's garage in search of evidence. New jersey officials prepare the 106-year-old Hunterdon County courthouse for a trial." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 6-289 National Archives, College Park MD

1934/10/17 - Extra!! Scoop! - First Actual Pictures - Assassination - King Alexander and Louis Barthou, Shot Down in Streets of Marseilles by Revolutionists. Furious Spectators Batter Killer to Death As His Victims Die. (1) Alexander Murdered - "Universal Newsreel brings you the First Actual motion pictures of the murder of King Alexander of Jugoslavia and French Foreign Minister Barthou" scenes of the King arriving on cruiser at Marseilles, ride through town, shots, mob beats the assassin, a Croatian. (2) Hauptmann Identified At Hearing - some sound. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 6-294 National Archives, College Park MD

1934/11/28 - "Five and Ten" Princess Home Again (1) "New York City: The former Barbara Hutton reaches the United States after extensive honeymoon travels abroad. She is unaccompanied by Prince Mdivani, her Georgian husband, who is in India playing polo." scenes of man telling Hutton where to stand, in front of mics. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 6-306 National Archives, College Park MD

1935/01/23 - Von Papen Adds Vote To Victory (1) "Saarbruecken, Saar: The German Ambassador to Austria adds his ballot to the hundreds of thousands cast by Saarlanders returning the rich mining district to the Reich." (2) State Speeds Case Against Hauptmann - "Flemington, NJ: Witnesses connect the kidnap ladder with wood purchased by Hauptmann. The ancient Court House and its surroundings receive a wintry coating of white, but Col. Lindbergh braves the cold without hat or coat." man speaks for the defense; newsreel ending and NRA eagle. (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 7-322 National Archives, College Park MD

1935/01/28 - Wilenz Sure Of Convicting Hauptmann (1) "Flemington, NJ: The Attorney-General declares himself satisfied that the state's completed case will result in the conviction of Hauptmann as the kidnapper and murdered of Lindbergh's son." - sound of prosecuter saying he has rested its case; newsreel ending. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 7-323 National Archives, College Park MD

1935/01/30 - Hauptmann Testifies (1) Flemington NJ - (long title card) "With bated breath, millions and millions have anxiously awaited the sensational day in this terrific trial! Millions upon millions want to hear and see and know exactly what happened and how! 'What does Bruno Hauptmann say? ... How does he look? ... What will be the jury's and public's reaction to his testimony?' For weeks every newspaper has front-paged and built up this tremendous real-life drama! Now Universal Newsreel takes it out of the imagination and flashes it right before the very ears and eyes of your patrons - fast and hot!" scenes of Hauptmann taking the witness stand; newsreel ending and NRA eagle. - sound of trial but no narration (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 7-324 National Archives, College Park MD

1935/02/11 - Roosevelt Addresses Boy Scouts (1) President Hails Scouting At 25th Anniversary Fete - "Washington, DC: The Chief Executive radios a congratulatory message to members of the Boy Scouts of America all over the United States on the occasion of the great youth movement's silver jubilee." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 7-327 National Archives, College Park MD

1935/03/04 - FDR Buys First Baby Bond (1) "Washington, DC: The President launches the Government's new 'Bargain Sale' by purchasing $25 certificates of the new issue from Postmaster General Farley whil Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau looks on." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 7-333 National Archives, College Park MD

1935/04/24 - 2200 Men Out On Strike At Motor Plant (1) "Toledo, Ohio: Huge crowds of pickets patrol the approaches to an automobile factory when negotiations between workers and owners fail. Francis J. Dillon explains the American Federation of Labor's position in the industry." (2) Old-Fashioned - "Provincetown, Mass.: The brassy voice of this historic village's recently-appointed Town Crier forces attention to his recital of community news delivered in time-honored manner." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration) SOURCE: 200 Universal 7-348 National Archives, College Park MD

1935/04/29 - F. D. R. Sees Fear Vanishing (1) "Washington DC: The President again addresses the nation, expressing optimism and outlining his program to expedite work relief to all sections of the country." sound of FDR speaking Fireside Chat #7. (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 7-349 National Archives, College Park MD

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