Newsreels 1956

1956/02/09 Guided Missile. Navy Tests Newest Atomic War Weapon (1) Controversy over guided missile program; Regalus launched from ship (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-13, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/02/27 Army Digs In for Defense of Arctic (1) Fort Greely Alaska - Operation Moosehorn - combat teams on skiis - supplies parachuted to ground troops - tents during blowing snow (2) Ambassador John Lodge to Spain with military equipment sent to Spain at Cartegena "tanks for bases to bar the spread of Red aggression" (3) Billy Graham to Japan (4) train accident (5) Yuba City CA celebrates Christmas in February, was postponed by flood (6) Fashions inspired by film Benny Goodman Story (7) sports: Austrian ski championship (8) stock car race Daytona FL (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-18, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/04/09 Arctic Sentinels. Building Rushed on Radar Defense (1) Operation Dew Line construction has top priority, Secretary Defense Wilson on tour of top secret bases, "they will sound the first alarm should air attack come." (2) Snark missile first films, using rocket boosters for launch then cruises with jet engine (3) Ike presents medal for bravery to girl (4) 75th diamond wedding anniversary for Mr. and Mrs. Miller (5) Chrysler turbine test car crossed country, arrived in Los Angeles (6) fashions from Italy (7) Masters Golf tournament won by Jack Burke Jr won $6000 (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-30, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/04/12 Full Scale War Looms in Middle East (1) Arabs and Israelis mobilize due to armed raids, despite UN truce commission, Dag Hammershold arrives, meets with Nasser about Mideast (2) Cutlass jet fires Sparrow missile (3) 104-story Empire State building has beacon lights at top (4) all glass exterior elevator on El Cortez Hotel in San Diego (5) Grace Kelly on USS Constitution passenger liner on her way to Monaco (6) Sports: first automatic bowling pin setter by Brunswick (7) woman bullfighter in Colombia, but loses and is gored by bull (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-31, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/05/03 Sea Sentinel. Navy Demonstrates Offshore Radar (1) Sea Sentinel radar platform complete, 1st in ring of radar warning stations, 110 miles off Cape Code, with crew of 50, interior views of radar stations (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-37, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/05/21 Armed Forces display U.S. Might On Observance Day (1) Armed Forces Day at AFB in Michigan features new Redstone missile; Scorpion attack plane fires rockets at old B-17 in Florida; crash landing of jet on USS Essex, pilot rescued by helicopter (2) "France Digs In for Total Algerian War" - 400,000 French troops pinned down by guerilla attacks - armed depots dot Algeria landscape (3) 4 survivng Dionne quints open flower shop in Ottawa (4) hospital workers carry small pagers (5) Preakness horse race won by Fabius, not Needles who had won Kentucky Derby; Nashua wins his race (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-42, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/05/24 H-Bomb Blast Exploded at 15,000 Feet Over Pacific (1) Bikini test for H-Bomb again, dropped by B-52 from 55,000 ft to explode at 15,000 ft. (2) "Supersonic Sled" rocket sled test, dummy ejected (3) "Kid Stuff" - Brookfield Zoo animals (4) Seattle fishing resort "for little Isaac Waltons" - conservation (5) junior rodeo (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-43, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/05/31 Cyprus Riots (1) Greeks and girls riot against British soldiers in Cyprus (3) new F-100 jets for U.S. squadrons in Germany (3) F-102A jet tests Falcon missile over New Mexico, "fired unerringly to target by electronics" (4) Venezuela builds largest earthen dam in South America (5 ) snow in Chinook pass cleared for highway 410 (6) Army amphibious truck tested in Monterey CA (7) DeSoto pace car for Indy 500 car race, won by Pat Flaherty (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-45, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/06/07 Red Carpet for Tito in Moscow (1) Tito arrives in Moscow by train, greeted by Khrushchev and Bulganin (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-47, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/06/18 (no title) (1) Avery Dulles ordained in New York by Archbishop Spellman, pictured with his father John Foster Dulles and Spellman (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-50, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/06/25 Reds Withdraw. Cut Down Troops in East Germany (1) Red forces withdraw from East Germany, "but a Red iron fist still remains poised over East Germany" (2) "Egyptian Might. Parade Arsenal of Red Weapons" - parade in celebration of withdrawal of British troops from Suez in Mideast (3) heat protecting suit invented in New York (4) preview at Booklyn navy yard of film Away All Boats (5) For Men Only by Bert Bachrach (6) child does golf tricks (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-52, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/07/16 Freedom Flight. Hungarians Seize Plane to Germany (1) Hungarian DC-3 airliner taken to NATO airport in Germany, seized by Hungary freedom fighters (2) new coastal mine sweeper in San Francisco transferred to Japan, new Japanese crew replaces American crew and American flag replaced by Japanese flag (3) King Feisal of Iraq visits London, greeted by Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, for 5-day state visit, from Mideast (4) Boeing unveils first of 4 new jet tanker planes (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-58, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/07/23 Ike In Panama. Urges Atom Plan for Hemisphere (1) Ike in Panama, greets President Arias, (no pics of panama) (2) "Operation Alert. Mock H-Bomb Attack Tests Civil Defense" - Washington HQ is nerve center; Chrysler Air Raid Siren, Pentagon leaders helicoptered to secret locations (3) "Enter Jet Age. Japan Air Force Gets U.S. Sabres" - Japan receives first 9 Sabrejets, Japan red circle painted on sides of jets (4) Miss Universe beauty contest in Long Beach, won by Miss USA "36-25-36" (5) sports: motorcycle tricks, auto daredevils (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-60, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/07/30 Suez Canal Seized By Egyptians (1) Nasser tells crowd he has seized Suez Canal, pictures of canal and Mideast (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-62, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/08/06 Suez Crisis. British, French Rush Warships to Area (1) British ships in England prepare for action, aircraft carrier HMS Theseus leaves, French fleet sails from Toulon to Mideast (2) "Hear Barrier. Rocket Plane Tests metals at 1,900 MPH" - B-50 bomber releases Bell X-2 rocket plane; Col. Everest honored at AF convention (3) Argonne National Lab uses gamma radiation to preserve food (4) miniature railroad for Detroit Zoo, with monkey Julius as conductor on train, bears, ostrich is fed by boy (5) Fashion exhibit of watches (6) women platform divers and comedy divers from Aqua Follies (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-64, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/08/09 Press Parley. Ike Urges Caution on Seizure of Suez (1) Ike press conference on Suez crisis urges "this very serious difficulty will be settled by peaceful means" in Mideast (2) scout jamboree in Japan, crown prince Akahito (3) teenage car rode-e-o must pass driving tests (4) search for oil in Colombia, 72 drilling concessions have been granted to American companies (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-65, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/08/20 Republican Convention (1) Republican national Convention in Cow Palace in San Francisco, chaired by Joe Martin, California Senators Nixon and Knowland and ? - keynote address (2) "Suez Impasse. East and West Split on Seizure" - crowd cheers Nasser arriving on train in Cairo, his prestige has risen, streets deserted when Nasser called for strike to protest western foreign ministers meeting in London, boy hosted, London conference with Dulles offering plan on Mideast, but opposed by Russia (3) Nehru speaks on 9th anniversary of India independence (4) carrier USS Lexington in Japan is given a Japanese tea ritual (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-68, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/08/23 It's Ike and Nixon! (1) Republican National Convention in Cow Palace in San Francisco nominate Ike and Nixon - former President Herbert Hoover, former Gov. Dewey on platform (2) radar plane has flying saucer-like antenna on top - Navy Super Constellation with largest airborne radome (30 ft diameter) - the "flying flapjack" (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-69, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/09/17 Fleet Review. Secretary Honored in 200 Ship Parade (1) "greatest naval review since 1934" in California (2) "Egyptian Pilots Take Over At Suez" - Australian PM Robert Menzies mission rejected by Nasser, meets with Ike, at Port Said new pilots take over in Mideast (3) Gettysburg farm of Ike and Mamie, visited by young David, with horse, rides jeep with Ike (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-76, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/09/31 Space Secrets. New Rocket To Seek New Cosmic Data (1) Terrapin research 2-stage rocket launched from Virginia (2) "Nato College. Defense Students Inspect U.S. Units" - visit West Germany bases, airborne units land by parachut, rockets displayed (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-80, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/10/24 Freedom Road. Hungarian Patriots force Red Retreat (1) Hungarian Revolt - red star ripped out of Hungary flags, patriots guard frontier, medical supplies airlifted, demonstrations in US (2) "Near East Raid. Israeli Troops Attack Egypt" - mobilization of Israel armed forces, also pictures of Egypt mobilization (but no war pictures) in Mideast (3) San Francisco Eicler X-100 home of tomorrow, a research house (4) Mau-Mau leader captured in Kenya, "the human leopard will roam no more" - Africa (5) sports: Georgia Tech vs Tulane college football; Notre Dame vs Oklahoma "Sooner's Steamroller"; Garden States Stakes horse race (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-88, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/11/01 War in Egypt. British and French Bomb Its Key Cities (1) Suez Canal and Nasser pictures; French troops embark from Marseilles; naval forces in eastern Mediterraean, British bombers attack; Ike and Dulles at White House; Ike speaks, wants it brought before the UN General Assembly; quick pics of UN and Mideast (2) "Hungary Free But Faces Threat Of New Red Invasion" - the end of a 6-day fight, Hungary was free, scenes of Budapest; funeral (3) student demonstrators in Rome in support of Hungary, battles between students and police (4) Texas rangers getting new cars (5) Sports: horse show in Madison Square Garden, and Royal Canadian Mounties precision riders (6) Tony Curtis public service announcement for U.S. Savings Bonds (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-89, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/11/05 Eisenhower Re-Elected (1) Ike and Mamie wave to crowd, gives V-sign with Nixon (2) "Cease Fire. Eden Orders Move In Egypt Invasion" - Israeli units move thru Sinai, Gaza Strip; Egyption destroyer captured and towed; Eden speaks, welcomes UN police action; UN General Assembly adopts police action proposal for Mideast (3) refugees cross Austrian frontier as Russians invade Hungary (glitch at start of story) (4) Nova Scotia coal mine disaster (5) Statue of Liberty 70th anniversary (6) Football: UCLA vs Stanford; Iowa vs Michigan (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-90, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/11/08 Landslide for Eisenhower (1) Ike votes in Gettysburg, Adlai Stevenson votes in Illinois, Ike speaks (2) "Last Stand. Hungarians Fight On As Thousands Flee" - fighting in streets of Budapest, flags burn, refugees flee to Austrian border, sad crying faces (3) San Francisco airport, Japanese women board plane (4) Santa Claus arrives in flying saucer in Pennsylvania (5) Fashion Parade - ski resort fashions (6) football: Rams vs Bears (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-91, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/11/12 Near East Crisis. Invasions Complete, UN Will Take Over (1) smoke rises from Port Said that was bombed, vessels sunk in harbor, buildings shot up, streets littered, Anglo-French forces occupy canal, pics of Mideast & Suez (2) "World Protest. Mobs Riot Over Red Hungarian Slaughter" - demonstrations in West Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam (3) plane crashed into TV tower in New York, tower top cut down (4) Veterans Day at Arlington Cemetery, Tomb of Unknown Soldier (5) Navy on alert in San Francisco, carrier USS Yorktown gets planes (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-92, National Archives, College Park MD

1956/12/13 Walk Out. Hungarian puppets Quit UN Assembly (1) UN General Assembly, Hungarian foreign minister walks out (2) satellite prepared for outer space, model of 72-ft rocket (3) Hungarian refugees arrive in San Francisco for resettlement (4) preview of film "Battle Hymn" story of Dean Hess, played by Rock Hudson (5) Ike golfing at Augusta National with Canadian PM (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 29-101, National Archives, College Park MD

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