Newsreels 1959-1960

1959/01/05 Castro Triumphs. Havana Crowds Hail Success Of Revolt (1) Fidel Castro "emerged triumphant after two years guerilla warfare", dictator Batista fled, 26 July movement named after his first attack in 1953; first rebels entered Havana after Batista resigned, at first peaceful, but then parking meters and casinos and wealthy homes attacked (2) "49th Star. Alaska Statehood, New Flag, Official" - Ike signed proclamation in White House, 49th star added to new staggered star design (3) "Kremlin Envoy Mikoyan, No. 2 Red, In U.S. For 'Vacation'" - departs from NY airport, speaks to press outside with translator (4) "America Wins Davis Cup" - in Brisbane Australia (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-2, National Archives, College Park MD

1959/01/08 Triumphal March. Cuba Hails Castro As New Regime Takes Over (1) Manuel Aruzia to rule until elections; Castro drives across Cuba and enters Havana, and people get first glimpse of the man; has added a broad base of popular support (2) News In Brief - Congress convenes (3) Niagra Falls nearly froze over due to national cold wave (4) new American embassy opens in New Delhi India (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-3, National Archives, College Park MD

1959/01/12 5th Republic, New Era Dawns As De Gaulle Invested (1) De Gaulle new president of 5th Republic of France, has offered amnesty to Algeria rebels, speaks "viva L'France" (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-4, National Archives, College Park MD

1959/01/15 Mikoyan In N.Y. No. 2 Red Sees City Under Heavy Guard (1) Mikoyan good will 10-day mission starts in New York, in Macy's, to Wall Street, to UN building (2) News In Brief - St. Peters Cathedral new Episcopal bishop Lichtenberger installed (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-5, National Archives, College Park MD

1959/01/22 Rally For Castro. One Million Roar 'Si' To Cuban Executions (1) great crowd outside Presidential Palace in Havana approves executions of Batista officials; Castro addresses crowd (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-7, National Archives, College Park MD

1959/01/29 Deny Rocket Lag. Atlas Firing Keynotes U.S. Missile Build-Up (1) Michigan Ordanance Plant where Atlas missile built opened to newsmen; Thor missile built in Santa Monica now fully operational; recent launch of 3-engine Atlas at night soon to be operational (2) "New York" - Argentina Frondese visits NY, parade, mayor Wagner (3) 79th birthday of Douglas MacArthur, slices birthday cake (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-9, National Archives, College Park MD

1959/02/09 'Titan' Launched. 1st Test Of Newest ICBM Is Successful (1) Titan launch test from Cape Canaveral, only first stage engine tested, 2nd stage only a dummy, engine with 300,000 lbs thrust successful (2) News In Brief - Berlin mayor Willy Brandt arrives in U.S., speaks in English (3) "Virginia" - Fort Meyer VA funeral of 6 bodies returned by Russia, crew of plane shot done by Russia, no word of other 11 crew missing (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-12, National Archives, College Park MD

1959/02/19 Weather Eye. Vanguard II Satellite Scans Sky From Space (1) Vanguard II satellite placed in nose cone of rocket, launched (partial newsreel, brief silence at start of story) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-15 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/02/26 Kremlin Visit. Macmillan Talks With Khrushchev - A Fizzle (1) Macmillan visit to Kremlin in Moscow, meets with Khrushchev, sit at table (2) "Crisis Ends. 3 Nations Rejoice At Cyprus Settlement" - Greeks and Cypriots in London cheer Makarios who was leader of nationalists (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-17 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/03/05 Pioneer IV Passes Moon, Heads Into Solar Orbit (1) 4-stage Juno rocket launched at night from Cape Canaveral, animation of Pioneer IV accelerated by Sergeant solid fuel stages 2,3,4 (2) "Big 3 & Berlin. Concern Mounts As Deadline Approaches" - 50,000 in Leipzig listen to Khrushchev, balloons released; Ike press conference, speaks (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-19 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/03/09 Junior Missilemen. Army Aids Teen Agers In Mass Rocket Shoot (1) Camp A.P. Hill VA model rocket meet for high school teenagers supported by Army (2) News In Brief - "Philippines" - Russian trawlers in Philippines taken in tow by Philippine authorities (3) "Italy" single engine plane sets transatlantic record in Italy (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-20 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/03/16 Aloha Hawaii. islanders Celebrate Long-Sought Statehood (1) Hawaii becomes 50th state, "gives lie to communist charges of American colonialism" (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-22 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/03/19 Project Argus 'Greatest Experiment': 3 A-Blasts In Space (1) USS Norton Sound guided missile ship launches 1 of 3 missiles to explode A-bombs in space in secret Project Argus, experiment to develop ABM shield (2) News In Brief - Detroit Redstone missile production factory visited by NATO representatives (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-23 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/04/13 At Sea (1) News In Brief - USS Skipjack nuclear sub sea trials (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-30 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/04/30 Dalai Lama Greeted By Nehru, Again Blasts Reds (1) Nehru visits Dalai Lama in Tibet, rides horse (2) News In Brief - "Paris" Christian Herter visit French minstry for foreign ministers policy conference (3) "Virginia" test of Mercury space capsule automatic parachute (4) "California" China Clipper flying boat left San Francisco 24 years ago, on first transpacific scheduled flight, today Hawaii celebrated the anniversary (5) "Tropical Fashion Holiday" in the Antilles (6) "Zoo Parade. Cubs And Kids Cutting Capers" - zoo penguins, monkeys, seals, lions, polar bear, tigers, Children's Zoo (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-35 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/05/21 Space Mice. Plan 'Live' Satellite In 1st Recovery Test (1) Discoverer III to carry live mice, satellite assembled, "far-reaching radar will track the satellite" and flying boxcar will capture the satellite (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-41 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/06/01 Space Monkeys Meet Press After Missile Mission (1) Cape Canaveral flight of 2 monkeys Baker and Able in test of nose cone re-entry, night launch of rocket, capsule fished from waters of Caribbean, Navy tug makes recovery, opened, monkeys removed unharmed, Baker is tiny squirrel monkey and Able is rhesus monkey (2) "Khrushchev's Mystery Trip To Albania" - Khrushchev waves from plane in Albania, "the size of Maryland," applauds as he walks, "a major red get-together" (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-44 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/06/04 Red China (1) films made by communist cameraman in China, shows Mao and other candidates in election of National People's Congress, with massive show in Peking of dancers and balloons (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-45 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/06/11 X-15 Aloft. First Free Flight Of Manned Space Plane (1) Edwards AFB B-52 takes X-15 aloft under its wing, is "cut loose over Mojave Desert" landed by Scott Crossfield (2) Connecticut - Groton CT launch of USS George Washington Polaris sub (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-47 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/06/29 Red Fair Opens In New York (1) Russia Turboprop airliner brings Kozlov to New York to open Russian trade fair, Ike came for preview tour, shakes hands with Kozlov, models of sputniks and nuclear icebreaker ship (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-52 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/07/02 Ike's Calendar. honors Gen. Taylor, Welcomes Kozlov (1) at White House greets retiring Gen, Maxwell Taylor; Kozlov visits Ike at White House (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-53 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/07/20 Castro 'Resigns' Mass Demonstrations Show His Power Secure (1) Castro announces his resignation as premier, but mass demonstrations result, made 4-hour broadcast attacking former president (2) "Khrushchev In Poland" - scenes from his tour (3) "Rocket Plane Preview Of X-15's Manned Space Flight" - artists conception of moment that X-15 will fly into space, pictures of some ground antennas (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-58 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/07/23 Nixon's Moscow Mission (1) Nixon farewell conference with Ike at White house, to Baltimore Friendship airport with Hyman Rickover, Menshikov says goodbye, Nixon boards plane (2) NS Savannah nuclear ship commissioned, christened by Mamie before 15,000 spectators, cost $41 million (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-59 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/07/27 Nixon In U.S.S.R. Opening U.S. Fair, Clashes With Mr. K (1) Nixon escorts Khrushchev in Sokolniki park for opening of Moscow Fair, "crackling exchange" finished in front of Ampex tape recorders, "wave bye-bye", clips from debate (2) "Havana Rally. Peasants Mass To Support Castro" - 1 million machete-wielding peasants" - "greatest mass rally ever staged in the western hemisphere" - Castro pitches in baseball game (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-60 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/07/30 Nixon In U.S.S.R. Views Red A-Ship Parries Hecklers (1) Nixon in Leningrad with Kozlov, handshaking, walking, visited factories, inspection of nuclear icebreaker Lenin, Rickover wanted to see reactors, Nixon with shipyard workers, "one of the most effective moments in Mr. Nixon's remarkable tour of Russia." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-61 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/08/03 New Diplomacy. Ike And Khrushchev To Exchange Visits (1) Ike special press conference, reads joint text, that Khrushchev has accepted invitation to visit U.S., and Ike will visit USSR (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-62 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/08/06 Nixon's Triumphal Return (1) Nixon in open car in Poland, a quarter million line the tour route, Nixon's plane arrives in Washington, 4000 throng the airport, Nixon speaks, drives to White House, reports to Ike with Milton (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-63 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/08/10 Explorer VI Paddle-Wheel Moon Puts Eye In The Sky (1) Explorer VI, the "Paddle-Wheel Satellite" is launched by Thor-Able rocket to elliptical orbit for a year (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-64 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/08/27 Bonn Hails Ike! Says U.S. Will Stand By Berlin (1) Bonn Germany welcomes Ike, meets Adenauer at airport, with Christian Herter; Ike speaks, that American people stand by their side for a free Berlin, sign along road "We Like Ike and Conny" (Chancellor Conrad Adenauer) (2) News In Brief - Gertrude Ederle, 33 years ago returned from England having swum the English Channel, New York City's first ticker-tape parade in 1926, setting precedent for Lindbergh next year (3) Denver model homes with built-in fallout shelter, bunk beds, air blower, CD sticker (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-69 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/09/10 Harbor Blaze. Chemical Blasts Rock Port of N.Y. (1) fire burns on Jersey City waterfront, chemical explosions, firement battle blaze, only a few hundred yards from the Black Tom explosion of WWI (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-73 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/09/14 Red's 'Lunik' Hits The Moon Soviet Russia launched rocket to moon (but picture is of V2 rocket, with film of earth below) - tape recorder with sound - animation (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-74 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/10/05 West Coast Hails First World Series (1) Los Angeles Coliseum (glitch) - White Sox vs LA Dodgers in first baseball World's Series on West Coast (2) "Free China. 10 years On Formosa" - Nationalist China Taiwan prosperous after 10 years, agriculture, ship loaded, aluminum from bauxite, power from mountain rivers (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-80 National Archives, College Park MD

1959/11/02 Good-Will Swap. U.S.S.R. Film Premiere Opens Culture Exchange (1) Metropolitan theater in Washington DC hosts premier of Russian films, first Soviet-American cultural exchange program (2) Iran - 40th birthday of Shah of Iran, fireworks and pyrotecnics display - mideast (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 32-88 National Archives, College Park MD

1960/01/14 Ike Blasts Defense Critics (1) Ike speaks at press conference, question about Polaris subs, says does not consider defense a partisan issue (2) Alaska - AF evacuates Ice Station Charlie, interior views, night views (3) nursery automation from Budapest (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-5, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/02/11 Rocket Report. President Inspects Missile Test Center (1) Ike visits Cape Canaveral, as debate of preparedness is at a peak, Pershing missile photographed for the first time, Ike climbed gantry to 2nd stage of space exploration missile (2) Sports - bobsled races won by Italy (3) Westminster dog show finals, best in show won by Pekingnese (4) boxing - Golden Gloves final matches in Madison Square Garden (5) 25 Years Ago - Depression era, high speed presses turned out baby bonds, FDR bought first ones from Farley, Huey Long spoke from Louisiana, Wiley Post, Daytona Beach speedster Blue Bird by Sir Malcolm (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-13, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/02/15 Sahara A-Blast. France Tests Her First Atomic Bomb (1) Sahara test of France A-bomb, explosion of 250th weapon in history (2) Nehru of India greets Khrushchev at New Delhi airport, ride in car (3) Yugoslavia Cardinal Stepanek died, (4) Mayor Wagner in NY issues proclamation that Oscar awards will be held in NY Apr 4 (5) Weymouth Air Station in MA wind caused destruction of blimp (6) Sports - Squaw Valley prepares for winter Olympics, skiing conditions ideal, good ice on rinks (7) track events in Madison Square Garden, Hayes Jones gives V-sign and wins 100 meter, Jim Beatty win upset (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-14, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/02/18 Defense Debate. Ike Blasts Charges As 'Despicable' (1) Ike press conference, replies to charges his administration is complacent in defense (2) Florida tests of oral polio vaccine, developed by Albert Sabin, already given to 14 million in Soviet Union, "yummy cherry flavor" (3) Georgia - Thomasville Georgia and Wheaton MD do-it-yourself family fallout bomb shelter built by government with civil defense pamphlet (4) Santa Cruz island, off the coast of Argentina, penguins prepare to migrate (5) Sports - Golden Gloves boxing finals; motorcycle skiing in Czechoslovakia (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-15, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/02/22 Squaw Valley. Pageantry Marks Olympic Opening (1) Squaw Valley CA: 8th winter Olympics opening ceremonies, Nixon declared games open, doves released, "a contest where national achievements will have major propaganda value around the world. Each Olympian gold medal will count as a diplomatic coup." (2) birth of 2nd son to Queen Elizabeth (some glitches), her third child, 2nd in succession to Prince Charles (3) Quail robot decoy plane released from bomber to deceive enemy radar (4) death of Yugoslavia Cardinal Stepanek (5) 25 years Ago - Italian troops depart, Mussolini invades Ethiopia, boxer Primo Carrera (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-16, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/03/14 Space Pioneer Passes Venus, Enters Orbit Around The Sun (1) Thor Able rocket launches Pioneer V from Cape Canaveral, Britain's Jodrell Bank radio telescope received radio - sounds of radio transmissions and pictures inside Jodrell - Dr. Adolph Thiel speaks in front of rotating model of satellite (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-22, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/04/04 Tiros In Orbit. Weather Satellite Scans Earth's Skies (1) Thor Able rocket launches from Cape Canaveral the Tiros weather satellite, carrying tape recorders and cameras, animations of satellite in orbit, relaying pictures to ground stations, the weather eye satellite (2) Algeria - France tests 2nd A-bomb in Algeria (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-28, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/04/11 Verwoerd Shot! South African Farmer Attacks Prime Minister (1) South Africa Union exposition attended by Premier Verwoerd, shot twice in head (2) South Korea demonstrations against election fraud (3) Connecticut - USS Patrick Henry atomic sub commissioned, pictured next to USS George Washington Polaris sub at dock in Connecticut (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-30, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/04/14 Transit Space Beacon for Sea And Air Lanes (1) Transit satellite launched by Thor Able rocket at Cape Canaveral (2) Princess Hiro born to Japan royal family (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-31, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/04/25 America Hails De Gaulle (1) White House meeting of Ike and De Gaulle, "two old comrades in arms" De Gaulle lays a wreath at statue of Lafayette, an example of the warmth he has shown during his visit, De Gaulle appears in Congress (2) White Sands NM a Redstone missile demonstrates "seeing-eye camera for battlefield commanders"; Redstone launches with camera in warhead, capsule released and takes series of still pictures on its way down to earth (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-34, National Archives, College Park MD

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