Newsreels 1960

1960/05/05 Russia (1) May Day in Moscow, parade in Red Square, emphasis on peaceful coexistence, no rockets or missiles, Khrushchev's "shocking announcement, a United States Air Force plane shot down on Russian soil, reportedly a top secret high-altitude reconnaisance plane. A glimpse of the hard face behind the May Day smile." [first reference to U-2 incident of Gary Powers] (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-37, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/05/09 Spy Story of The Year (1) In Moscow, Khrushchev tells Presidium the Gary Powers was alive and his plane shot down on May Day, spokesman Lincoln White makes statement (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-38, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/05/12 New Magellan. 'Triton' Circles World Submerged (1) USS Triton, world's largest nuclear sub, completed its secret mission, helicopter takes Capt. Beach to White House, gets Legion of Merit from Ike, sub returns to New London CT from secret Operation Magellan mission around the world (2) "Powers Case. Ike States Policy On Spies and Open Skies" - Ike press conference, speaks about need for information for deterrence to orevent secret suprise attack from Soviet Union, "reason for my Open Skies proposal in 1955" (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-39, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/05/16 Summit Crisis. Mr. K. In Ugly Mood Over U-2 Incident (1) wreckage of U-2 of Gary Powers on display in Moscow, Khrushchev with press; Khrushchev arrives in Paris "in ugly mood"; Ike arrives "unsmiling" and speaks at airport, Khrushchev "insulting tirade" torpedoed the summit talks (no pics of Khrushchev) (2) France launched world's largest passenger liner, the SS France, commissioned by Madam De Gaulle (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-40, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/05/19 Down From Summit Mr. K. Kills Conference, Big 4 Depart For Homes (1) in Paris, Ike and McMillan and De Gaulle make farewells; "tumultuous press conference" of Khrushchev, points and shakes finger (2) AFL-CIO union industries show in Washington DC, 375 displays (3) German zoo (4) 25 Years Ago - Mussolini demonstrates gas attack outside Rome; AAA of FDR: patman bonus bill sent to FDR, vetoed by FDR, but passed over his veto, supported by Huey Long: Coughlin rally in Madison Square Garden; NRA rule unconstitutional; 17 survivors of Civil War in NY parade; 25th year of Indy 500 car race won at 106 mph (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-41, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/05/23 U-2 At U.N. Reds Now Charge U.S. Menaces Peace (1) At NY HQ of UN, 11-member Security Council hears arguments by Gromyko, Henry Cabot Lodge; Lodge speaks; gave details of Soviet spy activities, "they have thousands of spies and subversives everywhere" (2) Florida - Atlas ICBM launched at Cape Canaveral, tape recorder running, carried payload of research instruments 9000 miles to Indian Ocean, "longest surface-to-surface rocket ever achieved." (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-42, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/05/27 Cataclysm. Volcano, Tidal Waves, Devastate Pacific Area (1) aerial view of Chile, destroyed buildings and cities due to earthquake; tidal waves at 500 mph raced across the Pacific, hit Californai coast, hit Japan, 18,000 lives lost (2) "Sentry Satellite 5,000 Pound Missile Spotter In Orbit" - Atlas missile launched at Cape Canaveral of satellite (no pics of satellite, only of launch) (3) "Open Sky Plan. Ike Offers U.N. U.S. Photo Planes" - Ike gives "striking demonstration of aerial photography's effectiveness" - shows San Diego North Island photo, taken at 70,000 ft; Ike speaks, need to build up our strength (4) "U.N. Spy Debate. Reds 'Bugged' American Embassy Lodge Claims" - Lodge shows great seal, opens it and shows the listening device; Council voted 7-2 to censure the Soviet Union (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-43, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/07/11 Whites Flee (1) "Whites Flee. Newly Independent Congo In Upheaval." - violence and chaos in Congo barely 11 days after independence from Belgian, white refugees flee (2) USS Thresher SS-593 attack sub launched (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-56, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/07/21 Missile Milestone. First Polaris Firing By Submerged U-Boat (1) Polaris missile loaded from truck to sub at Cape Canaveral, missile hatches opened on USS George Washington, missile fired 1100 miles to its target, then 2nd missile fired (2) UN troops from Tunesia pour into Congo, Belgian troops still hold key centers as Congo continues to demand withdrawal of Belgian troops (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-59, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/07/25 Republic Convention Highlights (1) GOP convenes in Chicago, Nelson Rockefeller arrives (some glitches), parade 'Stick With Dick" sign (2) "The RB-47 Debate. Lodge Debunks Red Spy-Flight Charges." - Lodge in UN Security Council denied RB-47 on spy flight, "what actually happend was this" points at map "there's the red arrow of the Soviet fight" - "this astonishing and criminal fact was established beyond doubt by our scientific devices that followed the RB-47 (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-60, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/08/04 March Of Events In Congo Crisis (1) Belgian paratroops withdrawn from Congo arrive at Belgium airport, march in parade (2) New Jersey - new antenna receivers will bounce message off moon back to earth - dish at Owndown NJ receives signal from California sent to moon - audio of telephone call made from Bell Labs, with 5-second delay (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-63, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/08/15 Space Triumph. Discoverer Capsule Recovered From Orbit (1) (glitches) - Discoverer XIII capsule recovered 333 miles from Hawaii, 50-star flag taken from capsule and given to Ike (2) Echo I satellite launched by Delta rocket from Cape Canaveral the next day, relayed telephone call from Ike to west coast, see tape recorder running (3) X-15 rocket plane soared to 151,000 feet, film of earth from plane shown (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-66, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/08/18 U-2 Spy Trial. Ike Hits Powers Case Exploitation By Reds (1) Gary Powers trial in Moscow Trade Unions house, relatives attend, Ike press conference, speaks about U-2 on a reconnaissance flight, this does not put the United States on trial, the number of spies we have caught (2) "19 -1/2 Miles High. AF Balloonist Makes Record Flight And Jump" - Capt Joseph Kittinger Jr. puts on suit and enters balloon gondola (glitches); balloon rises from New Mexico, "automatic camera in gondola records the leap" - lands and helped out of suit (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-67, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/08/22 Space Race. A. F. Snares Satellite Capsule In Mid-Air (1) Flying Boxcar snared capsule from orbit at 10,000 feet, satellite capsule reeled into plane (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-68, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/09/19 Mr. K. And Castro. Top Reds And Allies Get Chill Greeting (1) Cuba's Fidel Castro arrives at Idylwild in NY for UN meeting, surrounded by security guards, speaks at airport in English; Novotny of Czech and Gomulka of Poland, speaks in Polish, Khrushchev arrived on boat on East River, Pier 73 (2) Mexico celebration of 150 years independence, bells of Dolores Hidalgo rung by president of Mexico for anniversary (3) Los Angeles banquet of theater owners convention, award to Doris Day (4) Football - Navy vs. Boston College (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-76, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/09/22 Ike At U.N. Proposes New World Disarmament Program (1) Khrushchev, Castro, Novotny of Czech, Ike at UN meeting; Ike speaks (glitches) and describes 5-point programs (2) 25 years Ago - Mussolini poised to invade Ethiopia, allies met at Geneva, League voted sanctions, Pierre Laval, Fancour of France, Italian troops march, map of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie and his troops (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-77, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/09/26 History At U.N. World Leaders Set New York A-Whirl (1) World leaders in New York for UN meeting, Nasser meets Castro, then to Khrushchev, to Castro at Harlem's Hotel Theresa, Ike waves from convertible, meets with Nehru, shake hands; meets with Nasser, shake hands; General Assembly meeting at UN, Dag hammershold gets ovation but Khrushchev pounds table; Castro walks to rostrum for speech of 4.5 hours (2) Football - Notre Dame vs California (3) Maryland vs Texas Longhorns (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-78, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/09/29 Spotlight Of History On The U.N. (1) (glitches) Castro boards airplane; Sukarno arrives; King Hussein of Jordan arrives; Harold McMillan on rostrum at UN while Khrushchev pounds table (2) state dinner at White House for Japan emperor (3) non-functional inventions on exhibit in France (4) Fashion parade (5) Football - Giants vs 49ers (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-79, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/10/03 Khrushchev Threatens Dag & U.N. (1) Khrushchev at UN at podium, opposes Dag Hammershold, wants reorganization of UN, threatens Russia may intervene directly in Congo; King Hussein of Jordan speaks in English (glitch); Nehru walks to rostrum, speaks in English, walks back to seat; Dag Hammershold speaks in response to Khrushchev's demand he resign; Khrushchev pounds table while everyone else applauds Dag (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-80, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/10/06 Florida (1) News in Brief - at Cape Canaveral, Thor Able missile launches Courier satellite that can rebroadcast messages, not just reflect them back like recent Echo; and Courier related a message from Ike to UN (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-81, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/10/31 Invasion Scare. Castro Masses Troops, Claims U.S. 'Aggression' (1) Castro in Cuba calls out 200,000 militia at same time Marines landing at Guantanamo; in Moscow Khrushchev meets journalists, receives gift of Cuban flag (2) "Satchmo Swings In Congo" - Louis Armstrong arrives in Congo, plays trumpet (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-88, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/11/10 Kennedy Elected (1) (poor quality) 67 million go to polls on election day, Ike votes, JFK and Jackie vote, Nixon and Pat vote in Whittier, Nixon speaks from his election HQ and concedes defeat; Kennedy wins; JFk speaks, to all Americans I say the next 4 years will be difficult, and the supreme national efort will be needed (cut off) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-91, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/11/17 Nuclear Navy. First Polaris A-Sub Sails On Ocean Patrol (1) (poor quality) At Charleston SC, USS George Washington is first Polaris sub, with 16 missiles, prepares for its first operational mission (2) Discoverer 17 satellite launched from Vandenberg, capsule snatched from sky by Flying Boxcar (3) Edwards AFB in California - X-15 dropped from B-52 at 40,000 ft., pilot Scott Crossfield, skid landing (4) Algiers demonstrations against France in Algeria, bus crashes out of control (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-93, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/11/24 Tiros II Weatherman Satellite In Orbit Around Earth (1) (poor quality) Thor Delta rocket launched in California carrying Tiros II weather satellite, with 2 TV cameras, in orbit 400 miles out, animation, monitored by ground stations at St. Nicholas Island CA and Fort Monmouth NJ, dish antennas, instruments, tape recorder, T V camera, TV pictures slowly scan on round screen (2) [Tiros story repeated with camera set on lower brightness, but does not seem to affect quality of picture] (3) Groton CT launching ceremonies for USS Ethan Allen Polaris sub, slides down way, (reference to squelched pacifist demonstration - no pics) (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-95, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/12/05 Lumumba Seized. Followers Threaten New Congo Upheaval (1) Lumumba returned to Leopoldville in Congo after caputre by soldiers of Mobutu in Africa (2) California - Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin arrive in California, recently married (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-98, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/12/22 Space Progress. 'Man-In'Space' Capsule Recovery Successful (1) Cape Canaveral launch of unmanned Mercury capsule by Redstone rocket, the MR-1A capsule (glitches), fired down-range, griefly into space, then landed, total flight of 16 minutes, people examine recovered capsule (2) "Carrier Fire Is Probed" - USS Constellation in Brooklyn Navy Yard, nearly completed, but gutted by large fire, Navy Secretary speaks (3) "Strategy Talks. Kennedy Confers With His Congress leaders" - LBJ and Sam Rayburn and Mike Mansfield at Palm Beach confer with JFK (partial newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 33-103, National Archives, College Park MD

1960/12/31 News Highlights of 1960. 1960 Year in Review (poor quality) (1) Algeria, South Africa, Congo, Japan riots against mutual defense treaty with America, secret reconaissance of Russia ended with U-2 of Gary Powers; Khrushchev at UN; Castro in Cuba; British Princess Margaret married a commoner; JFk baby; earthquakes; 2 airliners fell on New York City; JFK defeated Nixon (complete newsreel) SOURCE: 200 Universal 34-2 National Archives, College Park MD

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