The Versailles Treaty

June 28, 1919

The Complete Treaty with all 440 Articles in a single 498k file

The Treaty divided into sections:

In 1919, the Big 4 met in Paris to negotiate the Treaty:
Lloyd George of Britain, Orlando of Italy,
Clemenceau of France, and Woodrow Wilson of the U.S.

  1. Articles 1-26 The Covenant of the League of Nations
  2. Articles 27-30 Boundaries of Germany
  3. Articles 31-117 Political Clauses for Europe
  4. Articles 118-158 German Rights and Interests Outside Germany
  5. Articles 159-213 Military, Naval and Air Clauses
  6. Articles 214-226 Prisoners of War and Graves
  7. Articles 227-230 Penalties
  8. Articles 231-247 Reparations
  9. Articles 248-263 Financial Clauses
  10. Articles 264-312 Economic Clauses
  11. Articles 313-320 Aerial Navigation
  12. Articles 321-386 Ports, Waterways and Railways
  13. Articles 387-399 Labour
  14. Articles 400-427 Procedure
  15. Articles 428-433 Guarantees
  16. Articles 434-440 Miscellaneous Provisions

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Maps, Charts, Photos and Cartoons:
  1. Map 1 of Europe and Asia Minor in 1914 (small preview image or both 1914-24)
    Armillary sphere, a symbol of the League of Nations, from pictures
  2. Map 2 of Europe and Asia Minor in 1924 (small preview image)
  3. Map 3 of Germany in 1919 (small preview image)
  4. Map 4 of Mandates in Africa in 1919 (small preview image)
  5. Map 5 of Mandates in the Pacific in 1919 (small preview image)
  6. Map 6 of Former German Cables in 1919 (small preview image)
  7. Map 7 of Mideast after Sevres in 1920 (small preview image)
  8. Map 8 of Mandates in Arabia in 1920 (small preview image)
  9. Map 9 of Wilson's U.S. tour in Sept. 1919 (small preview image)
  10. Chart 1 of Germany's military structure allowed by the treaty
  11. Photo of the Big 4 (small preview image)
  12. Photo of bust of Wilson by Jo Davidson (small preview image)
  13. Photo of Henry Cabot Lodge (small preview image)
  14. Cartoon captioned A Nervous Wreck - (small preview image)
  15. Cartoon captioned Can It Survive? - (small preview image)
  16. Cartoon captioned Touch Not a Single Bough - (small preview image)
  17. Cartoon captioned Can He Get Them Together? - (small preview image)
    "Muzzled" from the Literary Digest 9/13/1919
  18. Cartoon captioned Rear View - (small preview image)
  19. Cartoon captioned You Really Can't Blame Him for Wanting a Life Preserver - (small preview image)
  20. Cartoon captioned Turn on the Hose - (small preview image)
  21. Cartoon captioned Muzzled - (small preview image)
  22. Cartoon captioned The Rainbow - (small preview image)
  23. Cartoon captioned Blowing Bubbles - (small preview image)
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