Jan. 8 - United Irish League met in London and demanded independence from Britain.

Jan. 30 - Anglo-Japanese alliance signed to protect each country's interest in China from the growing threat of Russia that had occupied Southern Manchuria after the Boxer Rebellion. This alliance marked the end of Britain's "splendid isolation" and the start of the entente system, that included in 1904 the Anglo-French "Entent Cordiale" recognizing colonial claims in Egypt and Morocco, and a neutral Siam between Burma and Indochina, and the 1907 Anglo-Russian Entente that ended the "Great Game" in Asia, and brought England and France and Russia together in the "Triple Entente."

May 31 - The Treaty of Vereeniging ended the Boer War with England

June 28 - Triple Alliance renewed for 6 years and Italy was allowed to claim Tripoli, but continuing claims by Italian irredentists strained Austro-Italian relations.

Nov. 1 - Franco-Italian Entente assuring neither country would seek arms against the other.




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