1914 Imperialism from USMA

May 25 - Mexican Revolution of Francisco Madero deposed President Porfirio Diaz.

July 2 - Germany sent battleship Panther to back German claims on Morocco, but Nov. 4 Franco-German Treaty recognized French rule in Morocco and gave Germany part of the Congo.

Aug. 1 - Germany fortified Heligoland in North Sea.

Sept. 29 - Turkish-Italian War of 1911-12 threatened the balance of power in Europe and caused the Balkans to join against the Turks. The success of France in Morocco in 1911 encouraged Italy to assert claims for a colonial empire in Africa, and to declare war on Turkey Sept. 29, 1911 to gain Tripoli. After the bombardment of the Tripoli coast, Italy formally annexed Tripoli Nov. 5, 1911. In April 1912, Italian warships bombarded the Dardanelles and occupied Rhodes and the Dodecanese. On Oct. 8, 1912, the Balkan Wars began and Turkey decided to end the war with Italy. On Oct. 18, the Treaty of Lausanne gave Tripoli to Italy.

Nov. 11 - Russia invaded northern Persia and removed the Liberal government that had been seeking to reform the country with the help of American Morgan Shuster as treasurer-general. Russia forced the removal of Shuster and other foreign advisers.




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