Guns of August 1914

1914 August - reserve

Aug. 1 - Germany declared war on Russia - According to the Schlieffen Plan, the German army had six weeks to defeat France in the West (by Sept. 9) before Russia became able to threaten Germany.

Aug. 2 - The war began at 6 am when German troops entered Luxembourg, and crossed the Moselle at Remich and Wasserbillig. At the same time, German troops crossed the border into France in Alsace. At 9 am, the first shots were fired across the border at the Petit Croix railroad customs station by a German patrol about to cross the French border. The first soldiers to die in the war were killed about 10 am at Jonchcrey, near Delle in France, when an exchange of fire between Corp. Peugeot of a French border post with Lt. Mayor of a German patrol killed both men. The German ultimatum to Belgium was sent at 7 pm, to expire in 12 hours. At 9 pm, the first naval guns were fired in the war when the German cruiser Augsburg fired 20 shots at Libua, a Russian port in the Baltic.

Aug. 3 - German ultimatum to Belgium expired at 7 am. Germany declared war on France at 6:45 pm.

Aug. 4 - Germany invaded Belgium at 9am (at the same hour and day that she invaded France in 1870).

Aug. 5 - Germany attacked ring of 12 Liege forts but stalled by stiff resistance of 30,000 Belgain defenders.

Aug. 6 - Liege bombed by army Zeppelin LZ 6, killed 9; Belgian commander Leman withdrew to Fort de Loncin.

Aug. 7 - Gen. Ludendorf entered the city.

Aug. 11 - Skoda 305mm howitzers reduce Fort d'Evegnee on the right bank of the Meuse.

Aug. 12 - The first Krupp 420mm mortar, or "morser" opened fired on Fort de Pontisse, and a second Krupp fired the next day causing the fort to surrender Aug. 13.

Aug. 13 - the big Krupp and Skoda guns reduce Fort d'Embourg, followed by 2 more forts Aug. 14.

Aug. 15 - Fort de Loncin reduced and Leman captured.

Aug. 16 - the last of the forts around Liege surrendered, and the big guns are moved to attack Namur.

Aug. 20 - Brussells fell to the German IV Corps, and Belgians withdrew to Antwerp.

Aug. 21 - Namur bombardment began with 420mm Krupp and 305mm Skoda guns firing first on forts facing east. By Aug. 25, Fort de Suarlee, last of the Namur forts, is reduced by 3600 shells from 420mm Kruyp guns, and 12,000 Belgians are evacuated to Antwerp.

Aug. 21 - Bulow and the 2nd Army attacked and bombarded Charleroi, and crossed the Sambre on Aug. 22.

Aug. 24 - Great Retreat of the Allies next 2 weeks, all the way to Paris.

Aug. 25 - Germany captured Namur in Belgium, burned Louvain.

Aug. 26 - Moltke violated the Schlieffen Plan by transferring some troops to East Prussia.

Aug. 29 - Battle of Guise (St. Quentin), France was able to slow the German advance.

Aug. 30 - "Kluck's Turn" of the German army eastward to the north of Paris, rather than follow the Schlieffen Plan to stay west of Paris.




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