Films of World War One

1915 - The History of the World's Greatest War, documentary produced by William Randolph Hearst and his General Film Company, released in Jan. 1915.

1916 - The Battle of the Somme, documentary produced by British War Committee, released 1916.

1916 - Fighting the War, documentary produced by Donald C.Thompson, with film he took February-June 1916 during the Battle of Verdun, released 1916, included on the 2002 DVD World War I Films of the Silent Era.

1917 - The Secret Game, silent feature film produced by Paramount, directed by William C. de Mille and starring Sessue Hayawaka as agent of Japan working with the U. S. to frustrate German agents seeking information about American transport sailings on the Pacific, included on the 2002 DVD World War I Films of the Silent Era. 1917 - The Log of the U-35, the British version of the 1917 German film, Der Magische Giirtel (The Enchanted Circle) about the cruise in April 1917 of the U-35 submarine commanded by Lothar von Arnauld de la Perriere, included on the 2002 DVD World War I Films of the Silent Era. 1918 - Hearts of the World, silent feature film directed by D. W. Griffith, with Lillian Gish and Robert Harron whose love is almost destroyed by the brutal Germans. In the Prologue, D. W. Griffith ses up a camera in the British front lines under the auspices of the British War Official Cinematograph Committee, meets war correspondents, shakes hands with PM David Lloyd George.

1918 - Pershing's Crusaders, the 1st of 3 U. S. official war films produced by the Committee on Public Information, released June 1918 by First National.

1918 - America's Answer, the 2nd U. S. official war film produced by the Committee on Public Information, released 1918.

1918 - Under Four Flags, the 3rd U. S. official war film produced by the Committee on Public Information, released 1918.

1918 - Shoulder Arms, silent feature film produced by Charlie Chaplin, released Oct. 20 by First National, DVD released 2000.

1919 - The Lost Battalion, silent feature film directed by Burton King, with Lt. Col. Charles W. Whittlesey playing himself, about the 463 men in the 308th Regiment 77th Division under the command of Whittlesey trapped for six days in the Argonne Forest, released Sept. 8, 1919 by W. H. Productions. Remade 2001 by A&E Television with Rick Schroder as Whittlesey, DVD released 2002 by A&E.

1925 - The Big Parade, silent feature film directed by King Vido, with John Gilbert as James Apperson, a rich new Yorker sent to France in 1918 and returns as an amputee changed by the war, released Nov. 1925 by MGM, VHS released 1992 by Warner.

1927 - Wings, sound feature film directed William Wellman, released 1927 by Paramount, VHS released 1996 by Paramount.

1930 - All Quiet on the Western Front, sound feature film based on the novel by Erich Maria Remarque, with Lew Ayres as Paul Baumer, released 1930 by Universal, DVD in 1999 from Universal, Copley Library VHS VC 5134.

1930 - Hell's Angels, sound feature film directed by Howard Hughes, in production since 1927 at a cost of $4 million, released 1930 by Universal, DVD released in 2004 by Universal.

1930 - Flight Commander, directed by Howard Hawks, released July 10, 1930, by First National Pictures, This was originally titled "Dawn Patrol" but retitled after the 1938 "Dawn Patrol" was released.

1931 - Mata Hari, sound feature film starring Greta Garbo, released Dec. 26, 1931, by MGM, DVD in 2005 from Warner.

1931 - No Man's Land (Hell On Earth), produced in Germany, the first international talking film, dialogue in 4 languages, directed by Victor Trivas and George Shdanoff, the story of 5 men who refuse to kill each other. the film was believed lost when destroyed by teh Nazis in 1933, but an American print was discovered and restored in 1969; remade in 2001 about the 1993 war in Bosnia, DVD released in 2001 from IHF.

1932 - Farewell to Arms, feature film directed by Frank Borzage, with Gary Cooper as Lt. Fredrick Henry, and Helen Hayes as Nurse Catherine Barkley, released 1932, DVD remastered edition released 2005 by

1933 - Eagle and the Hawk, directed by Stuart Walker, starring Cary Grant, released May 6, 1933, by Paramount, VHS from Paramount.

1933 - Ace of Aces, directed by J. Walter Ruben, starring Ralph Bellemy as a coward who finds courage as a pilot, released Oct. 20, 1933 by RKO.

1934 - Lost Patrol, directed by John Ford

1938 - Dawn Patrol, directed by Edmund Goulding, starring Errol Flynn, remake of the 1930 version, released 1938 by Warner Bros, VHS released by Warner.

1939 -Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, starring Ginger Rogers with Fred Astaire as dancer who became a Kelly Field flight instructor and was killed in a crash, released March 29, 1939, by RKO Pictures, DVD released 2006 by Warner.

1940 - The Fighting 69th, feature film directed by William Keighley, with James Cagney as Jerry Plunkett, a coward who is transformed by Father Duffy into a hero during the battle of the Argonne, released Jan. 27, 1940, by Warner Bros., VHS released by Warner.

1940 - The Ramparts We Watch, feature film produced by Louis de Rochemont, released Aug. 16, 1940, by March of Time, film notes

1941 - Sergeant York, feature film directed by Howard Hawks, with Gary Cooper as Alvin C. York, released July 2, 1941, by Warner Bros., VHS released by Warner, film notes

1945 - Wilson, feature film directed by Henry King, released Aug. 1945 by Fox, VHS out of print, film notes

1951 - The African Queen, feature film directed by John Huston, starring Humphrey Bogart as a steamboat captain in British East Africa helping missionary Katherine Hepburn. Copley Library VHS VC 1309.

1952 - What Price Glory, feature film directed by John Ford, with James Cagney as Capt. Flagg, released Aug. 1952 by Fox, DVD released 2004 by Fox.

1957 - Paths of Glory, directed by Stanley Kubrick, starring Kirk Douglas, Ralph Meeker, Adolphe Menjou, based on the novel by Humphrey Cobb, a protest drama about a disastrous French army maneuver and the court-martial held afterward, Copley Library Laser Disk VDL 99.

1957 - A Farewell to Arms, feature film directed by King Vidor, based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway, with Rock Hudson as Lt. Frederic Henry, an American Red Cross ambulance driver in Italy, released Dec. 1957 by Fox, DVD released 2005 by Fox.

1958 - Lafayette Escadrille, feature film directed by William Wellman, with Tab Hunter as pilot Thad Walker, released March 1958 by Warner Bros.

1962 - Lawrence of Arabia, feature film directed by David Lean with Peter O'Toole as T. E. Lawrence, released 1962 by Columbia, DVD in 2001 by Sony.

1963 - World War I, The Complete Story, documentary originally produced by CBS 1963, narrated By Robert Ryan, 3-disc DVD set released 2001 by International Historic Films.

1966 - The Blue Max, feature film produced by 20th Century Fox, directed by John Guillermin, based on the novel by Jack Hunter, with George Peppard as the German pilot Bruno Stachel, Fox DVD released 2003.

1970 - Darling Lili, directed by Blake Edwards, starring Rock Hudson and Julie Andrews, in a musical spoof of WWI spy movies, released June 24, 1970 by Paramount, DVD released 2005 by Paramount.

1975 - The Moving Picture Boys in the Great War, documentary narrated by Lowell Thomas, included on the 2002 DVD World War I Films of the Silent Era.

1977 - Men of Bronze, The Black American Heroes of World War I, documentary produced by William Miles, narrated by Adolph Caesar, about the 369th Infantry Regiment, including the regimental band of James Reese Europe. DVD released 2002 by Direct Cinema Limited, Copley Library DVD D570.33 .M52 1995.

1981 - Gallipoli, feature film directed by Peter Weir, with Mel Gibson as Frank Dunne, produced by the Australian Film Commission, released 1981 by Paramount. DVD released 1999, Copley Library DVD ĘPN1995.9.H5 G345 1999.

1986 - Rosa Luxemburg, feature film produced in Germany, directed by Margarethe von Trotta, about the founder of the German Communist Party, VHS released by New Yorker.

1987 - The Lighthorsemen, feature film poduced by the Australian Film Commission, directed by Simon Wincer, about the 1917 cavalry attack at Beersheba in Palestine against the Ottoman Turks, DVD released 2002.

1996 - Michael Collins, feature film produced by Warner Bros., directed by Neil Jordan and staring Liam Neeson as the founder of the Irish Free State, released Sept. 5, DVD released 1997, Copley Library VHS DA965.C6 M5

1996 - Fight for the River, documentary produced in Slovenia with English narration about the battles for the Isonzo in Italy 1915-1918, DVD 2004 from IHF.

1996 - The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century, documentary produced by BBC, narrated by Judi Dench and Salome Jens, broadcast in the U.S. in 2000. VHS out of print, website from PBS, Copley Library VHS D521 .G74 1998

1999 - Archives of War, World War I and the Interwar Years, documentary produced 1999, includes complete British 1925 silent film "Battle of Ypres" by Walter Summers, with veteran soldiers reenacting the battle, shown only in Europe until 1999. DVD released 2000 by MPI, Copley Library DVD D421 .A73 2002.

1999 - The Trench, feature film produced by the British Arts Council and the French Canal+, directed by William Boyd, starring Daniel Craig as Sgt. Telford Winter preparing his squad for war in the days before the July 1, 1916, start of the Battle of the Somme, released Sept. 17 in the UK, and Nov. 22, 2000, in the USA. DVD released 2003 by Bfs.

2000 - The First World War, The Complete Series, documentary produced by Channel 4, narrated by Jonathan Lewis, historical consultant Hew Strachan, four-disc DVD set released 2000 by Image Entertainment. Website.

2002 - World War I Films of the Silent Era, documentary produced by Image Entertainment, 167 mins., DVD released 2002.

2004 - A Very Long Engagement, feature film in French directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, released Nov. 26, 2004, by Warner Bros., DVD released 2005 by Warner.

2004 - Hitler the Unknown Soldier, documentary produced by Peter Boyce and Movienewmedia in London, written and directed by Stuart Russell, with slide show of German postcards and interview with Ian Kershaw, DVD from IHF.

2004 - American Doughboys: Heroes of WWI, documentary film released by Ondeck.

2005 - World War I in Color, documentary narrated by Kenneth Branagh, 2-disc DVD released 2005 by Capital Entertainment, Copley Library DVD D521 .W67 2005

2005 - Official Battlefield Films of World War I, documentary produced by Steve Rhode, Inc., DVD released by Copley Library DVD D521 .O34 2005

2005 - History of World War I, America Goes Over, documentary DVD released 2005 by, reproduces the Signal Corps documentary available free online from the Internet Archive

2006 - Flyboys feature film from MGM - notes


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