Lusitania - reserve

Feb. 4, 1915 - Germany proclaimed "war Zone" around Britain, also began Zeppelin attacks on London, to break the blockade that was starving Germany. In early 1915, Germany began the systematic slaughter of 25 million hogs that consumed more potatoes and grain than the human population of the country.

Feb. 10 - Wilson protest declared Germany would be held to "strict accountability" but ambiguous on passenger ships. Protest also made to Britain, demanded that use of U.S. flag was not allowed.

Mar. 28 - British steamship Falaba sunk, 104 dead included 1 American, Leon Thrasher.

May 7 - British passenger liner Lusitania sunk by one torpedo from Ger. Capt. Walter Schwieger's U-20; 1198 dead, including 128 Americans.

May 13 - Lusitania notes began: 1st U.S. note demanded right to travel, disavowal of sub policy, reparations. German reply strong: claimed that the British ship carried munitions, that sinking it was "just self-defense." However, on June 6 Germany issued order to U-boats to spare passengers; 2nd U.S. note on June 9 was strong, demanded "specific pledge." - W. J. Bryan resigned; 3rd U.S. note on July 21 was an ultimatum: any more sinkings by German subs would be "deliberately unfriendly."

Aug. 19 - Arabic attacked - 2 Americans killed; Bernsdorff paid indemnity and made pledge, kept for 9 months. However, American public opinion swung against Germany due to the submarine, poison gas, the zep bombing of London, the atrocities in Belgium.



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