Stephensdom Gothic cathedral

1556 - Vienna became the seat of the Hapsburg Emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor.

1815 - Congress of Vienna led by Prince Metternich restored conservative monarchy and balance of power in Europe.

1858 - Franz Joseph began replacing Vienna's defensive walls with the Ringstrasse, and broad street and parkway with trees and ornate monuments and buildings such as the Vienna Court Opera and the Maria Theresa Fountain, the Hofburg Palace facing the Heldenplatz was enlarged with the Natural History Museum by 1891

1896 - The precise and sharp edges of furniture and art and architecture similar to Art Nouveau was named the "Jugendstil" by the weekly culture journal Jugend, founded by Georg Hirth. The style was adopted by architect Otto Wagner in the design of Vienna's subway stations, and by architect Adolf Loos, who declared "Ornaments are crimes."

1897 - Gustav Klimt founded the Vienna Secession of artists away from the traditional to experiment with modern styles. Josef Maria Olbrich built the Secession Building for the group's art exhbitions

1898 - Otto Wagner designed the Art Nouveau pavilion on Karlsplatz while working on the Vienna Stadtbahn light railway. The Wien Museum today occupies the west pavilion, where the trains once left for Hutteldorf. Wagner built a glass bathtub and brightly-colored interior of "hygienic white, noble silver and sanctified violet" that influenced other designers at the 1902 Paris exhibition.

1901 - Klimt painted Medicine, a modernist critique of science and reason.

1905 - Schnitzler painted The Round, Freud published his Three Essays, Straus wrote his opera Salome.

1907 - Gustave Klimpt finished his portrait "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I" who hosted a salon of Jugendstil artists, and was the wife of Jewish industrialist Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer and the aunt of Maria Altmann.

1909 - Otto Wagner began the modular building of Neustiftgasse 40.

1910 - Max Fabiani, student of Otto Wagner, built the Urania public institute and observatory, now a movie house




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