Cold War Demonstrations - 1946

Truman, Byrnes, newly-
appointed ambassador to Russia Gen. Walter Bedell Smith preparing to leave Mar. 23
Kennan from cover of US News & World Report 1949
Churchill at Fulton
USS Missouri
Ahmet M. Ertegun, from LC
Baker test at Bikini 1946
Reard with 1st bikini 1946
Henry A. Wallace, 4/14/1945

Jan. 5 - Truman letter to Byrnes - no more recognition of communist governments.

Feb. 9 - Stalin hostile speech - communism & capitalism were incompatible.

Feb. 10 - Churchill visit to Truman - argued for a hard-line response, need to create unified Anglo-American opposition to Stalin.

Feb. 22 - Kennan's Long Telegram - 8000 words from Moscow embassy of U.S.

Mar. 5 - Churchill's speech at Fulton, Missouri - an "iron curtain" has descended on Europe - map

Mar. 6 - Truman orders battleship USS Missouri to return the body of the late Turkish ambassador Mehmet Ertegun to Turkey (had died in the U.S. Nov. 11, 1944).

Mar. 10 - Truman demanded Russia get out of Iran

Apr. 5 - Stalin agreed to remove all troops from Iran by May 6, leaving his puppet Azerbaijan Democratic Party without support.

Apr. 25 - Paris Peace Conference began.

May - Lucius Clay stopped removal of reparations from West Germany.

June 14 - Baruch Plan proposed to keep A-bombs from Stalin.

July 1 - Op. Crossroads began with Test Able

July 8 - "First Pictures Atomic Blast! The dramatic film history of the atom bomb test at Bikini!" (Universal Newsreel 19-518) DVD58

July 25 - Test Baker - underwater explosion

Aug. 1 - McMahon Act created Atomic Energy Commission

Aug. - Truman supported Turkey opposition to Stalin's demands

Sep. 12 - Henry Wallace speech critical of Truman's hard-line policies.

Nov. 4-Dec. 12 - Council of Foreign Ministers meeting at the Waldorf in New York.

Nov. 5 - midterm elections gave Republicans majority in the House 246-188 and in the Senate 51-45.

USS FDR 4/22/46 from FDRL
Nuclear Arms Race
Another Such Victory by Arnold Offner
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