Containment 1947-49

George Marshall in 1939,
photo from the FDRL

old State-War-Navy bldg
threat to Turkey,
from US News 7/16/1948
Italian peasants march for agricultural reform 9/46
James Forrestal appointed by Truman 1947
C-54 from the Presidential Aircraft Collection, USAF Museum
new air base in Libya,
from US News 1/30/1948

Jan. 21 - George Marshall replaced Byrnes as Secretary of State

Mar. 12 - Truman Doctrine

June 5 - Marshall Plan

July 26 - National Security Act

"Air Power, New Style"

Sept. 2 - Rio Pact signed at Petropolis near Rio de Janeiro


Feb. 9 - Frankfurt Charter created a bizone for West Germany.

Feb. 25 - Communist coup took over Czechoslovakia.

Berlin Airlift ad

Mar. 2 - Truman's Loyalty Program created to catch Cold War spies.

Mar. 17 - Brussells Pact organized to protect Europe from communism.

Mar. 20 - USSR walked out of Allied Control Commission

June - Social Democratic Party won Italy election - CIA covert operation successful

June 24 - Berlin Blockade began, for 11 months until May 12, 1949

Aug. 3 - Whittaker Chambers accused Alger Hiss before HUAC

Nov. 2 - Truman/Barkley defeated Dewey/Warren 49.5% to 45.1%

Mao Zedong from the Mao page

Jan. 20 - Truman announced Point Four program

Jan. 21 - Dean Acheson replaced Marshall as Secretary of State

Apr. 4 - NATO treaty signed - text and 50th anniversary 4/25/99

July 14 - USSR exploded its first A-bomb; announced Sep. 23

Oct. 1 - Mao Zedong established the People's Republic of China; Jiang Jieshi established the Nationalist China goverment on the island of Formosa.

T. H. Benton mural from HSTL
Crisis of Harry Truman
Are We Winning, Mommy?

Truman Library
Air Force 50th Anniversary and press release
NARA Historic Election Results
Truman Point Four Speech delivered at the Jan. 20, 1949, Inauguration, from Avalon

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