Radio Broadcasts 1939-1943

reel-H-142 1939/09/29 Phonoarchive 0668 Kaltenborn Edits the News -- FDR repeats determination to stay out of war; German say Britain planes hit their warships; France claim advance on Moselle; Russian-German pact signed, fixing Poland frontiers; other terms; German try to split Britain, France; certain Britain elements would go along with reasonable peace proposal.

reel-H-143 1940/01/26 Phonoarchive 0734 Kaltenborn Edits the News -- Contest of wits between FDR and reporters over 3rd-term question; Wheeler definitely a candidate; Canada general election coming; how Japan should be treated re trade.

reel-H-144 1940/07/19 Phonoarchive 1378 World Today with William Shirer from Berlin, Edward R. Murrow from London, W. R. Mills from Tokyo -- Jack Knell, N. Y. : Hitler asks Britain for peace; new Japan cabinet./ William L. Shirer, Berlin: Hitler speaks to Reichstag, advocates peace./ Edward R. Murrow, London: Hitler promises Britain annihilation if war continues; air raids over Britain; details of sinkings. / W. R. (Bud) Wills , Tokyo: Japan cabinet falls, detailed.

reel-H-145 1940/08/06 Phonoarchive 3691 Kate Smith weekly show sponsored by Grapenuts, noon program from NYC including commercials, Kate summarizes her trip to the Adirondacks, news read by Ted Collins about Nazi bombing of England, Kat on anniversary of women suffrage.

reel-H-146 1940/08/24 Phonoarchive 3612a London After Dark pt. 1 with Edward R. Murrow -- Edward R. Murrow, Robert Bowman, Larry LeSueur, Eric Sevareid, Vincent Sheean, unidentified BBC announcer, and J. B. Priestley, author, in a multiple-point pickup describing London during an air raid; air raid is on during the program.

reel-H-148 1940/09/24 Phonoarchive 1490 News of the World -- Warren Sweeney, N. Y. : 18th night of air raids over Britain; Dakar fight continues; Italy advance in Egypt; Japan fight France, Indo-China forces; Moscow predicts war between US and Japan. / Edward R. Murrow, London: Describes current raid. / Linton Wells, N.Y.: Discusses Dakar./ Warren Sweeney, N.Y.: German land at Finland port en route to Norway; Turk-Greek confer re fear of Italy, German thrust.

reel-H-149 1940/09/27 Phonoarchive 1494 World Today -- Jack Knell, N. Y. : Japan attack on Netherlands East Indies predicted; fascists predict US will have war on 2 fronts because of Japan-German-Italy agreements./ Larry LeSueur, London: Details air raid; RAF hits invasion ports; comment on Japan-German treaty./ Jack Knell, N. Y. : Ger, Italy, Japan pledge war against US if new order challenged; Russia not involved./ Elmer Davis, N.Y.: US not impressed by new alliance; 7 cruisers defend Vichy-held Dakar.

reel-H-150 1940/10/08 Phonoarchive 3685 Selective Service -- Questions and answers concerning college students and selective service, sponsored by the American Council on education and Selective Service. participants are Dr. Harry Woodburn Chase, Chancellor, New York University; Dr. Clarence Clement Williams, Pres, Lehigh University; Lt. Col. Louis Hershey, Director Selective Service; Mr. Frederick Osborn, Chairman, Advisory Committee on Selective Service.

reel-H-151 1940/11/05 Phonoarchive 1543 World Today -- Jack Knell, N. Y. : FDR leads in 14 states; Flynn predicts FDR will take all but 9 states./ Robert Trout, N. Y. : Interviews Elmo Roper, indicating FDR election probable; details of other polls./ Albert Warner, Wash.: Democrats will probably control Senate, but GOP could take HR, putting Martin in speaker's chair. / Robert Trout, N. Y.: FDR has 61 per cent of vote counted so far; Willkie leading in 9 states.

reel-H-152 1940/11/06 Phonoarchive 1544 World Today -- Anon, N. Y.: FDR wins third term; Democrats control Cong. / William L. Shirer, Berlin: FDR victory no surprise to German; they believe govt propaganda and govtcontract profits gain victory for FDR. / Anon, N.Y.: Swiss blackout./ FF, Ankara: Turk do not think general Balk war coming./ Edward R. Murrow, London: Churchill promises to do best in Mid East; Britain give money to Greece; heavy air raid over London.

reel-H-153 1940/11/06 Phonoarchive 0239 Elmer Davis reports the Nov. 6 and Nov. 8 news for CBS, with Robert Trout reporting the Nov. 7 news -- N 6 '40 Various ELMER DAVIS AND THE NEWS -- Willkie sure of nine states; GOP gains four in HR; Greek shelling Italy base at Koritsa; Yugoslavia town bombed; Rome world fair postponed; Britain air casualties counted. N 7 '40 (Robert Trout substitutes for Elmer Davis). FDR re-elected; reactions from stock mkt, Sen Byrd, Willkie; State Dept re repatriation problems; Britain want US planes; bombings exchanged; Italy hit on 2 fronts; Gr in Albania N 8 '40. German claim hitting Britain convoys, using new tactics; London gets heavy attack; Italy progress in Gr is slow; Yugoslavia sees German plot to kill govt figures; FDR offers half of war production to Britain, Canada.

reel-H-154 1940/12/24 Phonoarchive 3701 Twelve Crowded Months - news of the year 1940, with Robert Trout, no actors, realistic rather than dramatized -- CBS newsmen Robert Trout, Elmer Davis, Edward R. Murrow, Eric Sevareid, William L. Shirer, Linton Wells, Ed Taylor, Albert Warner, George Fielding Eliot, Melvin Allen, Elmer Davis, and Deems Taylor review the events of the first year of war.

reel-H-155 1941/06/01 Phonoarchive 0545 Behind the Scenes in the CBS newsroom with Elmer Davis -- Elmer Davis in an on-the-spot description of the newsroom operation in New York in covering the war; CBS news chief Paul W. White and Edward R. Murrow are heard in a transatlantic short-wave conversation, Murrow from London.

reel-H-156 1942/01/05 Phonoarchive 2035 World Today news program on CBS -- John Charles Daly, N.Y.: MacArthur gives Japan a setback; Japan new landings on Malaya; Russia continue advance; Allies pound Axis in N France./ Albert Warner, Wash.: US bomb Japan ships near Mindanao; 77th Congress opens; Feb 16 new draft registration date; Bridges deportation cancelled; civilian defense shakeup./ William J. Dunn, Batavia: Describes Netherlands alert./ Robert Trout, London: Japan active near Perak; Malta bombed; Axis propaganda tries to split Allies./ John Charles Daly, N. Y.: Russia advance in Crimea, take more towns near Moscow; Finland many quit war; antagonism between Petain, Berlin.

reel-H-157 1942/04/28 Phonoarchive 2167 World Today news program on CBS - halfway through the program, signal from Australia fails -- Albert Warner, Wash.: FDR fireside chat tonight; farmers complain; Dies committee gets appropriation./ John Charles Daly, N.Y.: Japan advance in Burma, a mechanized attack. / John Charles Daly, N. Y. : German using tanks, expected to drive on Caucasus./ Edward R. Murrow, London: Cripps explains; FDR taxlimitation proposals; RAF raids N France; communications in Burma probably cut. / John Charles Daly, N.Y.: Radio off the air in Berlin, Luxem.

reel-H-158 1942/05/02 Phonoarchive 2171 World Today news program on CBS -- John Charles Daly, N.Y.: Chinese resist in Burma Road area; US troops in Libya./ Eric Sevareid, Wash.: Debate publicity expenses for govt agencies; Knox says coastal defenses strengthened; Alabama paper accused of sedition./ John Charles Daly, N. Y. Gen Giraud yielded to Vichy; Japan still superior in the air. / Anon, New Delhi: Ind chieftain on Burma border declares war on Japan. / Robert Trout, London: RAF hits U-boat engine factory. / John Charles Daly, N. Y. : Laval, German confer re sabotage; Shut Out wins Kentucky Derby.

reel-H-159 1942/07/21 Phonoarchive 2258 World Today news program on CBS, presented each week at 1:45 pm -- Bill Rodgers, N. Y. : German advance in Russia; Britain navy shells North Africa port; Japan retake Wenchow; Leahy Melvin Allende chief of staff. / Quincey Howe, N. Y. : Russia claim successes; Matruh, North Africa shelled; US planes sink ships in Yangtze; Argentina criticizes US policy; US bombs Kiska./ Eric Sevareid, Wash.: Details Leahy appointment; FDR views AFL protest on wage freeze; much scrap rubber collected; details air attacks in Aleut. / Robert Trout, London: Commons debates subver sives; German propaganda via radio./ Winston Burdett, Cairo: Egypt front quiet; more bombers needed./ Quincey Howe, N.Y.: War takes no decisive turn; much German propaganda into Mexico; Bund head admits spy role; Gripsholm begins prisoner- exchange program.

reel-H-160 1943/05/22 Phonoarchive 3679i Report from London -- Robert Trout, London: Discusses German propaganda, German "one-plane" raids over London, Britain's involvement with Japan; notes national Maritime day; interviews Chief Officer Arthur Roberts, merchant seaman.

reel-H-161 1943/12/03 Phonoarchive 0774 Bombing of Berlin pt. 1 -- Edward R. Murrow in an eyewitness description of a bombing mission over Berlin.

reel-H-162 1943/12/03 Phonoarchive 0775 Bombing of Berllin pt. 2 -- Edward R. Murrow in an eyewitness description of a bombing mission over Berlin.


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