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Economic Takeoff

Read in Chapter 8: William Becknell and the Santa Fe Trail, the "factor" system in the West, Andrew and William Ashley's Rocky Mountain Fur Company sold furs to eastern merchants in an expanding market economy, John Marshall and the Gibbons case.

Read in Chapter 10: Irish-Catholic immigration, Erie Canal, Croton Aqueduct, B & O trunk line, Samuel F. B. Morse, the "factory" system in New England, Factory Girls Association, Duncan Phyfe and social mobility, Frederick Jackson Turner and geographical mobility, cast-iron stove and icebox, the myth of the "Peaceable Kingdom," Sarah Hale and the "separate sphere" of the "cult of domesticity," Park Theater in New York, Northeast truck farming, John Deere and Cyrus McCormick in the Northwest.

Before 1815:

After 1815: