Atlantic Slave Trade

Philip D. Curtin has estimated that 241,400 slaves were imported into the Americas in the 16th century, 1,341,100 in the 17th century, 6,051, 700 in the 18th century, and 1,898,400 between 1810 and 1870, for a total of 9,566,100. J. E. Inikori has argued for a higher total of 15 million, based on research showing 2,365,014 imported 1750-1807 rather than Curtin's 1,616,100.

Amazing Grace by Bill Moyers (PBS, 1993) described the slave trade origins of the song, beginning with John Newton who was active in the Guinea coast trade 1745-54 and kept a daily journal. He converted to Christianity, met William Wilberforce and became an abolitionist, wrote "Thoughts on the Slave Trade" in 1788, and was curator at Olney Parish in England when he died in 1897.

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