National City & Otay Railroad

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National City and Otay Railroad was San Diego's first interurban railway, and the precursor of today's trolley. It was built in 1887 by the Land and Home Company as a local rail system to develp the land holdings of the company in the south bay. It ran daily trains south to the border, east to Bonita and La Presa, north to downtown San Diego where a station was built by William Sterling Hebbard at the foot of 6th Street in 1896. Hebbard had designed the Aloha cottage and rail station of U. S. Grant, Jr., near the Sweetwater dam in 1895. The NC&O connected with the Coronado Belt line at the Fruitland station where Santiago Arguello had built the first adobe in the south bay at La Punta. From the Oneonta station tourists could take the stage coach to the international boundary marker on the coast. The rail line was electrified in 1907 and became part of the John D. Spreckels streetcar franchise.
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The tracks are gone, but the NC&O turn at 24th Street and Olivewood Court remains.

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