Agricultural Fair

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Frank Kimball promoted agriculture, planted orchards and grapes and olives, founded a Grange society in 1875 and organized the first County Fair in 1880 that would later move to Del Mar. The Fair was held in 1880 near the Grange Hall that Frank Kimball built in 1875 between 8th and 9th on National Avenue. The olive trees that he cultivated from Mission cuttings prospered and provided fruit for his olive mill built in 1887 at foot of 23rd Street near the railroad depot. The decorative arches at the new Chamber of Commerce center symbolize the importance of the bayfront and the fruit trees in National City's history.
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Chamber of Commerce center built in 2003 stands near the site of the first Agricultural Fair of 1880.

Poster promoting the first Agricultural Fair of 1880 (reproduced in San Diego Union, June 25, 1961)

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