1914 Europe from USMA

Feb. 10 - Japan attacked by surprise the Russian fleet at Port Arthur, starting the Russo-Japanese War.

Apr. 8 - Britain and France signed the Entente Cordiale, recognizing French claims to Morocco and British interests in Egypt as long as the Suez Canal remained neutral according to the Convention of 1888, and neutrality of Siam between French Indochina and British Burma..

July 31 - Russia completed the 4607-mile Trans-Siberian RR after 13 years of construction

Oct. 21 - Dogger Bank incident when Russian fleet in North Sea heading for Asia mistakenly fired on British trawlers thought to be Japanese trawlers, but claims were settled by an international commission.

Nov. 8 - Theodore Roosevelt won the presidential election, defeating Alton Parker and the growing strength of the Socialist Party candidate Eugene Debs.




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