1914 Imperialism from USMA

Jan. 13 - In Paris, Henri Farman flew one kilometer at 24 mph at 25 feet altitude, and won a $10,000 aeronautical prize.

Apr. 8 - Herbert Asquith became PM of England, and David lloyd George became Chancellor of the Exchequer.

June 23 - Russia supported the revolution in Persia that overturned the liberal constitution and gave power to Shah Mohammed Ali.

July 6 - Young Turk revolution began in Macedonia and restored constitutional government to Turkey by July 24. The revolution was supported by the army, and in 1909 overthrew the despotic regime of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, replacing him with his brother Mohammed V as sultan.

Sept. 17 - The Buchlau Agreement by the foreign ministers of Austria and Russia, Aehrenthal and Izvolsky, allowed Austria to annex Bosnia-Herzogovina, and recognized Russia's claim to open the Dardanelles to Russian warships. Most of Russia's grain exports went through the straits, and the waterway was crucial to Russia's future economic and naval power.

Oct. 5 - Bulgaria proclaimed independence.

Oct. 6 - Austria annexed Bosnian-Herzogovina, and Serbia threatened war.

Oct. 6 - At Le Mans in France, Wilbur Wright flew for 64 mins. with a passenger in his Wright Flyer, winning a $100,000 prize. But the previous month, his brother Orville crashed at Fort Meyer VA killing passenger Thomas Selfridge.

Oct. 7 - Crete united with Greece.

Nov. 3 - William Howard Taft won the presidential election over William Jennings Bryan.

Dec. 4 - London Naval Conference of 10 powers drew up list of rules of naval warfare regarding contraband and blockades, but never ratified.




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