1914 Imperialism from USMA

Jan. - Conrad met with his counterpart, Helmuth von Moltke, to discuss the war plans of Austria and Germany in case the Bosnian crisis caused war. Moltke assured Conrad that Germany would support Austria if Russia supported Serbia, but Germany viewed France as the probable battleground, and not the Balkans.

Mar. 2 - Tension increased between Serbia and Austria; Conrad von Hotzendorff wanted war to crush Serbia, but Germany would not support Conrad. Germany on Mar. 21 urged Russia to "climb-down" and not risk war, and Izvolski agreed to not mobilize to end the crisis. Austria on Mar. 29 mobilized its army, and Serbia on Mar. 31 was forced to recognize Austria's annexations.

Mar. 26 - Russian troops crossed border into Persia to support Muhammad Ali as shah.

Apr. 27 - Turkish Parliament deposed Abdul Hamid and replaced him with his brother Mohammed Rechad Effendi as Sultan.

July 14 - Prince Bulow resigned as German Chancellor due to his opposition to naval expansion by Admiral Tirpitz and the Kaiser, and was replaced by Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg.

July 25 - Louis Bleriot flew his monoplane across the English Channel at 1000 ft. altitude for 37 mins to cross the 21 miles of water from Calais to Dover.

Oct. 24 - Raccanigi Agreement sought to preserve status quo in Balkans, Russia supported Italian claim to Tripoli and Italy supported Russian efforts to open the Dardanelles




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