1914 Imperialism from USMA

Jan. 31 - Young Turks deposed the Sultan and took control of the gvernment of Turkey.

Feb. 17 - Armory Show of modern art opened in New York.

May 13 - London Treaty ended the First Balkan War, but second war broke out June 29 when Bulgaria attacked former ally Serbia. Serbia and Greece had long planned to attack Bulgaria, and were now given the opportunity, with the help of Rumania and Turkey, to destroy their Balkan rival. The Treaty of Bucharest Aug. 10 partitioned Bulgaria. - map

June 10 - In Hungary, Istvan Tisza became premier, having also served 1903-05, and was the conservative leader of the Magyars who were were losing votes and influence to the non-Magyar ethnic groups that made up a majority of the 20 million population of Hungary. Like his hero Bismarck, Tisza used diplomacy to control the Hungarian parliament. Tisza restrained the desire of Franz Josef and Conrad to make war on Serbia, fearing the annexation of Serbia would add even more non-Magyars to the empire. Sept. 23 - Roland Garros flew his monoplane across the Mediterranean Sea 558 miles from Cannes to Bizerta in 7 3/4 hours.

Oct. 7 - Henry Ford opened his moving assembly line in Highland Park to mass produce the Model T.

Nov. - Germany sent Liman von Sanders to take command of the Turkish Army at Constantinople, causing Russia to protest, and von Sanders to move from Constantinople to Ankara. Von Sanders was a symbol of Germany's new effort to create a "mitteleuropa" power axis, rather than risk war with Russia or the British Navy. Germany diverted 40% of its total foreign investment to the area from Vienna to Baghdad, planned to create a central European customs union, and began to give more support to its army rather than the navy.




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