1914 Europe from USMA

Jan. 30 - Germany passed a tariff that excluded Russian grain imports, and concluded trade arrangements with Finland giving German grain preference over Russian grain. Russia responded with a heavy tariff on imported German products. The German economy suffered a recession, while the Russian economy was expanding due to the "grand programme" to increase the army and navy. Moltke in May told his foreign minister "we must wage a preventive war to conquer our opponents as long as we still have a reasonable chance in this struggle." - War Plans

Mar. 11 - James Europe conducted the Negro Symphony Orchestra in New York.

May 20 - British government took controlling interest in the Anglo-Persia Oil Co.

June 7 - Panama Canal opened.

June 28 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb, on Vivdovan, a Serbian national festival day, starting the July Crisis.

July 28 - AH declared war on Serbia. Kaiser Wilhelm sent the "Halt in Belgrade" telegram to AH, but AH ignored it.

July 29 - Russia mobilized. In France, Joffre warned that France must mobilize, but the French Cabinet delayed until Aug. 1, the same day that Germany mobilized its army, beginning the Guns of August.

Aug. 1 - Germany declared war on Russia.

Aug. 2 - The war began at 6 am when German troops entered Luxembourg, and crossed the Moselle at Remich and Wasserbillig, and crossed the border into France in Alsace.

Aug. 3 - Germany declared war on France.

Aug. 4 - Germany invaded Belgium.

Aug. 7 - BEF under John French began landing in France.

Aug. 8 - Battle of the Frontiers began with the French offensive in Alsace-Lorraine.

Aug. 19 - Wilson Proclamation of neutrality.

Aug. 21 - Battle of the Sambre.

Aug. 23 - Battle of Mons.

Aug. 27 - Great Retreat of the Allies next 2 weeks to Paris.

Aug. 29 - Battle of Guise-St. Quentin.

Sept. 5-10 - Battle of the Marne

Sept. 10 - Battle of the Aisne

Sept. 22 - Race to the Sea - Britain failed to outflank the Germans, were stopped at Nieuport on Belgian coast, Germany captured Ostend and Zeebruge by Nov. 15 that became vital U-boat bases.

Oct. 3-Nov. 22 - Battle of Flanders included battles at Yser, Ypres, Gheluvelt, Nuns' Wood.

Sept. 9-Oct. 10 - Germany captured Antwerp; Belgian army flooded the coastal plain Oct. 24.

Oct. 31 - Turkey joined the Central Powers and opened front against Russia in Caucasus

Nov. 16 - Flanders turned to mud by heavy rain, and the defensive trench system was expanded along the Western Front, 475 miles from North Sea to Switzerland.

Dec. 10 - Joffre began Champagne offensive, but halted by rain and mud.

War in the East 1914

1914 July 29 - 2 Austrian riverboats bombarded Belgrade, and Serbian guns returned fire from Topcider heights

Aug. 10 - Russia invaded East Prussia.

Aug. 12 - Austria invaded Serbia across Rivers Saba and Drina. Battle of the Jadar on Aug. 16. Battle of the Cer Aug. 20 won by Serbia, the first major Allied victory of the war. Austrian army retreated back across the Saba and Drina. Austria took Belgrade, but was driven out of Serbia by Dec.

Aug. 20 - Battle of the Cer won by Serbia, the first major Allied victory.

Aug. 23 - Battle of Krasnik on the Carpathian Front in Galicia.

Aug. 30 - Battle of Tannenberg

Sept. 7 - Battle of the Masurian Lakes

Sep. 24 - Russian siege of Przemysl

Oct. 3 - Battle of Lemberg

Oct. 11 - First Battle of Warsaw

Nov. 18 - Battle of Lodz

Dec. 7 - Second Battle of Warsaw

Dec. 17 - Battle of Limanowa-Lapanow

The War Beyond in 1914

Nov-Dec - cruiser war against Germany by 8 new battlecruisers, following German victory of the von Spee Nov. 1, the British defeated the Germans at Falklands Dec. 8

Nov. 7 - Jiaozhou in China surrendered to the Japan who had declared war Aug. 23 and seized German possessions in China and in the Pacific by the end of the year.

Dec. 29 - Battle of Sarikamish - Russia defeated Turkey in the Caucusus. An Armenian division fighting with the Russians massacred Turks, causing Trukey to respond with a campaign of genocide against the Armenians.




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