1916 Europe from USMA

Jan. 29 - German zeppelins attack Paris in the Air War.

Feb. 14 - British and French agree to launch Somme offensive in the summer. The BEF has increased to one million men, due to the addition of Kitchener's volunteers.

Feb. 21-July 11 - Battle of Verdun, Germany overran Douamont Feb. 25, Petain took command of defense, sent 12,000 trucks of the Sacred Road, France retook territory Oct.-Dec., both lost 400,000 in a war of attrition.

May 31 - Battle of Jutland in the Sea War.

July 1-Nov. 19 - Battle of the Somme, Kitchener's volunteers went over the top, but British gained only 3 miles by July 31, tanks first used in Sept., British ended attacks Nov. 19, had gained only 7 miles to Les Boeufs.

August - 6th Battle of the Isonzo began in Aug. 6 on Italian Front; Italy won Gorizia by Aug. 17, crossed river and gained 45 miles, but little else in the 7th and 8th and 9th battles Sep.-Nov.

War in the East 1916

Mar. 18 - Russian attack in the north at Lake Naroch toward Vilna failed.

June 4 - Brusilov offensive in the Eastern Front was the Russian attack in the south against Austria below the Pripet Marshes, was one of Russia's greatest victories in the war, caused replacement of Falkenhayn by Hindenburg, caused Rumania to join Allies Aug. 27, but was mistake and Rumania suffered defeat on 3 sides.

The War Beyond in 1916

Feb. 19 - Jan Smuts took command in East Africa.

March - Battle of Dujaila Redoubt - Turks defeated British Expeditionary Force D in Mesopotamia in a campaign that was a drain on British resources, Britain surrendered Apr. 29

May 31 - Battle of Jutland in the Sea War.




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