1918 Europe from USMA

Jan. 8 - Wilson made 14 Points speech

1918 Jan. 15 - Pershing created his I Corps with HQ at Neufchateau with the first four divisions of Yanks in the AEF

Mar. 21 - Ludendorf Offensive Op. Michael began

Mar. 23 - The 7 eight-inch Paris guns fired on the city from 50 miles until Aug. 9

Mar. 26 - British stopped German attack north of the Somme with effective air support, and Mar. 28 stop the German Op. Mars aimed at Arras

Apr. 1 - British joined Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service to create the RAF

Apr. 9 - Ludendorff began his second offensive Op. Georgette at the Lys River toward teh Channel ports, drive the British back 30 miles, But Haig orders a stop to all retreats and "With our backs to the wall and believing in the justice of our cause, each one must fight on to the end." With French reinforcements, the German attack is stopped

Apr. 21 - Baron von Richthofen with 80 victories was shot down and killed by the British. His unit comes under the command of Hernamm Goering, with 22 victories

Apr. 23 - Brit naval raid on the Zeebrugge, but failed to close the sub base

May 27 - Ludendorff began his 3rd offensive at the Chemin-des-Dames, advance 10 miles to the Aisne

May 28 - U.S. 1st division defended Cantigny

June 2 - U. S. 3rd Division prevented Germans from crossing the Marne at Chateau-Thierry, then counterattack June 3-4 to Jaulgonne

June 4 - Ludendorff ended his Blucher and Yorck offensive

June 6 - U. S. 2nd Division attacked at Belleau Wood, led by Marines, and after 3 weeks fighting won the battle

June 9 - Ludendorff began 4th offensive Gneisenau in the Aisne-Marne region

June 12 - Gen Charles Mangin with combined French-American force counterattacked in the Aisne-Marne

July 15 - Ludendorff began 5th offensive in the Champagne region along the Marne River. Americans joined the French to defend the Marne

July 18 - Battle of the 2nd Marne included American 1st and 2nd Division, Gen. Liggett's I Corps along the Ourcq River, Gen. Bullard's III Corps at Chateau-Thierry

Aug. 2 - Germany fell back to Aisne and Vesle Rivers, Battle of the 2nd Marne ended Aug. 6th

Aug. 8 - Brit began Amiens offensive, drove Germans back 10 mi. by Aug. 12

Aug. 21 - Brit renewed Amiens offensive.

Sept. 2 - Canadians captured Queant and Germans withdrew behind Hindenburg Line, Amiens offensive ended Sept. 10

Sept. 12 - AEF began St. Mihiel offensive with 600 aircraft under Billy Mitchell

Sept. 26 - AEF began Meuse-Argonne offensive with 1 million men in 37 divisions

Sept. 27 - Brit began offensive in north with 41 divisions, take Cambrai and Ypres and break thru the Hindenburg line Oct. 4, and back to th Scheldt river by Oct. 31

Oct. 6 - Prince Max asked Woodrow Wilson for an armistice based on the 14 Points.

Oct. 14 - AEF renewed Meuse-Argone offensive with two armies that broke Germany's third line of defense by Oct. 31

Oct. 26 - Ludendorf waas removed from the General Staff because he wanted armistice

Oct. 29 - German fleet mutined at Kiel, causing popular uprisings in Germany

Nov. 1 - AEF began third phase of Meuse-Argone offensive up Meuse River valley toward Sedan that fell Nov. 6

Nov. 8 - British advanced to outskirts of Ghent

Nov. 9 - Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated and fled to the Netherlands

Nov. 11 - armistice

War in the East 1918

Feb. 25 - Germans ouccupied Revel in Estonia and expel Bolsheviks

Mar. 3 - Treaty of Brest Litovsk - Russia withdrew own troops from Finland, gave support to Finnish Red Army, but Reds defeated by Mannerheim May 2

May 7 - Romanian government, but not King Ferdinand, signed Treaty of Bucharest that acknowledged its defeat by the Central Powers

May 14 - Czech Legion

July 16 - Romanovs were murdered by Bolsheviks at Ekaterinburg

Sept. 15 - Battle of the Vardar River in Bulgaria was won by the French-led Allied Army of the Orient including the 1st and 2nd Serbian Armies, and defeated Bulgaria by Sept. 29

Sept. 30 - Bulagria was the first Central Power to agree to an armistice.

The War Beyond in 1918

Jan. 27 - The "Dunsterforce" of Brit Gen. Dunsterville advanced from Baghdad to take the Russian oil fields on the Baku

Sept. 14 - Ottoman Turks occupy Baku and turn back the Dunsterforce.

Sept. 19 - At the Battle of Megiddo in Palestine, Gen. Edmund Allenby with 60,000 defeated the Ottoman Turks, lacking supplies cut off by the Arabs and Lawrence of Arabia.

Oct. 1 - Allenby entered Damascus, but the occupied city is administered by the Arabs.

Oct. 5 - French occupied Beirut.

Oct. 30 - Ottoman Turks agreed to an armistice, and began to withdraw troops from the Caucasus

Nov. 1 - British occupied Mosul and the oil fields




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