Henry Cabot Lodge

1850 - born in Boston to clipper ship family
1871 - graduated from Harvard, married his cousin Anna Cabot Davis, daughter of Admiral Charles H. Davis
1874 - graduated from Harvard Law School, asst. editor of Henry Adams' North American Review
1876 - first Ph.D. at Harvard in History & Political Science
1879 - elected to MA state legislature
1886 - elected to House of Representatives
1893 - elected to the Senate
1898 - pro-war on Foreign Relations Committee
1903 - served on the Alaskan Boundary Commission
1909 - son George Cabot Lodge died, was married to Mathilda Elizabeth Frelinghuysen Davis; grandson Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. (1902-85) became Republican congressman and ambassador
1914 - wanted strong policy in Mexico, but opposed Wilson's Veracruz request
1915 - opposed neutrality, urged preparedness, aid to Allies; was the nationalist-imperialist author and scholar.
1918 - Chairman of FRC, leader of Republican majority in both houses of Congress, became Wilson's partisan rival, opposed Wilson's personal trip to Paris in Dec. and his speeches in Europe "all in the clouds and fine sentiments that lead nowhere."
1919 - opposed treaty and covenant, led Republican Round Robin of 39 senators in March to separate covenant, and expressed the fear that the League would limit U.S. freedom to act independently in international affairs; he "towered as Wilson's chief legislative obstacle" in the fight over Article 10, offered the 14 Lodge Reservations to the Treaty that addressed the "central question of American national interest," how to engage in collective security yet preserve freedom of action and the consitutional authority of Congress; his reservations disclaimed any obligation to preserve the territorial integrity or political independence of another country unless authorized by Congress, and to exempt the Monroe Doctrine; he led the Strong Reservationists against the Treaty, but lacked 2/3 majority to pass the Treaty with reservations over the opposition of Democrats and Irreconcilables.
1921 - served as one of 4 U.S. members of Washington Conference
1924 - died in Cambridge at age 74


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